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TS-5500 Cellular Phone Functional Test Platform

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The features of this product have been integrated into the Keysight GS-8000 Functional Test System

The information on this page is for support purposes only.

The world of cellular and PCS phone manufacturers is a dynamic one; volumes increase at dramatic rates, new phones are introduced every few months and the pressure to get products to market is ever present. Amid the changing landscape, manufacturers are increasingly seeking alternative ways to speed their time to pre-production and high volume manufacturing.

Introducing the Keysight TS-5500 Cellular Phone Functional Test Platform which accelerates manufacturers' time to pre-production and time to volume while securing better asset utilization through its focus on final testing in the manufacturing line. The platform concept eliminates common tasks and process steps required on all systems. A complete platform product offering includes: System Documentation, Application Consulting, Customer Training, Software Updates, Cooperative Maintenance, Extended Warranties, Repair and Calibration, Remote Support.

The two main families in the TS-5500 Systems Portfolio are the TS-555X and TS-553X systems.

TS-555X Family: E8452A, E8453A, and E8454A

The TS-555X family, where X delineates the number of phones "up" (2, 3 and 4-up respectively), is the most flexible member of the TS-5500 family with many optional features for mobile phone testing. The family provides a universal test system core of both hardware and software, which can be easily modified to suit your particular test situation. Test system developers can customize the use of instruments and test routines to create a test stand for a specific manufacturing stage.

TS-553X Family: E8431A and E8432A

The TS-553X family, where X delineates the number of phones "up" (1 or 2), is the newest member of the TS-5500 Systems Portfolio with just the right amount of features for mobile phone testing. Based on customer feedback and a desire to drive toward application focus, this family of platform involves a simplified architecture. As part of this simplification, the number of phones tested "up" is moderated to one or two, while the cabling set and measurement processes are better tailored to meet basic mobile phone test needs.

Find out more by reading this article from Test & Measurement News Combine RF and Audio Cell-Phone Tests by Dawn DuPriest, Keysight Technologies, Loveland, CO.

Combine RF and Audio Cell-Phone Tests

  • Each feature of the product families is intended to perform a specific job in the testing process including:
  • Phone Tests and RF Path Support
  • Audio Tests
  • Battery Emulation and Charging Circuitry
  • Low Frequency Measurements
  • Communicating to the Phone
  • Test Development
  • Operator Interface
  • Interface to Fixture, Factory and Database
  • Maintenance and Support