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E1429B VXI 20 MSa/s 12 bit Digitizer with Local Bus

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The Keysight E1429B digitizer is a C-size, 1-slot, message-based VXI module. It makes 12-bit, 20 MSa/s measurements, and contains two analog channels, memory, timebase, and data paths. The E1429B is functionally identical to the E1429A, except the E1429B supports local bus.

Ideally suited for transient signals, the E1429B arm/trigger circuits can be programmed to wait for the transient to occur. Up to 128 pre- and post-arm data sets can be stored in its segmentable memory. If power is lost, the E1429B keeps the data intact in its non-volatile memory. Both message- and some register-based programming is supported by the E1429B.

SCPI commands are used to program at a high level. Register-based reads and writes are supported for high-speed data-only access. An on-board voltage reference is used to verify that the E1429B is operational. Attenuators, amplifiers, A/Ds, memory, timebase, and digital circuits are tested upon power-up and upon receipt of the *TST command. The normal path for retrieving data is the VXI data transfer bus. An alternate higher-speed data path over the VXI Local Bus is available on the E1429B.

  • 0.05 Sa/s to 20 MSa/s sample rate, 12-bit resolution
  • 2 channels of 512 kSa/channel, segmentable memory
  • Built-in test D Local Bus capability
  • Message-/register-based programming supported
  • VXIplug&play frameworks are supported per the Instrument Drivers information listed below
  • Note: Configuration software that allows you to easily select compatible interfaces, controller platforms, and VXI test system components is available on CD ROM. Order the "Test System and VXI Products Catalog and CD ROM" from the Test & Measurement Catalogs available on this web site.
  • "Test System and VXI Products Catalog and CD ROM"