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B4600A System Performance Analysis Tool Set for the Keysight 16505A Prototype Analyzer

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Principais recursos e especificações


  • Generates statistical representations of the captured data
  • Shows the amount and percent of time spent in each of the targeted functions or data locations
  • Data is conveniently displayed in histograms and bar charts
  • Provides several different display types which can be viewed simultaneously


The Keysight B4600A system performance analysis (SPA) toolset for the Keysight 16505A prototype analyzer has been designed to profile the entire system at all levels of abstraction -- from signals to high-level code -- to clearly identify and optimize the components that affect the global behavior of your system.

The Keysight B4600A SPA toolset can be used during the entire prototyping phase of product design because it is based on the same Keysight logic analysis tools that you already use. Adding SPA is as simple as dragging and dropping an icon. In addition to performance analysis, it can be used at any time to test and document characteristics such as memory coverage and response time.

The software developer can use the Keysight B4600A SPA tool set to provide non-intrusive measurements of embedded code execution with full symbolic capabilities. The SPA tool set analyzes single or multiple-processor based systems based on CISC, RISC or DSP architectures. The tool set measurements do not change or effect your target system's behavior. No modification or recompilation of the code is required.

The hardware developer can use the Keysight B4600A SPA tool set to provide analysis and characterization of hardware components ranging from individual analog signals through complex system buses. The tool set recognizes stable or unstable events. The stability of a bus is determined by two or more consecutive acquisitions of the same data value on this bus, independent of its data value.