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85714A Scalar Measurement Personality

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The Keysight 85714A scalar measurement personality combined with the Keysight 8590 series spectrum analyzers and their built-in tracking generators provide both spectrum analysis and scalar transmission measurement capability in a single instrument. Fast, easy-to-use one-button measurement routines coupled with the high dynamic range provide broad component test capability from 9 kHz to 2.9 GHz. Reflection measurements are enabled with the addition of the Keysight 86205A RF bridge or Keysight 85630A test set.

  • Guided "through" and "open/short average" calibration to make accurate transmission and reflection measurements easier
  • 120 dB display mode for high-dynamic-range measurements
  • Pass/fail limit lines for quick "go/no-go" production line testing
  • One-button measurements with real time updates of bandwidths, Q factor, shape factor, center frequency, and insertion loss/gain
  • Choose marker readout of power and frequency, return loss, VSWR, or transmission/reflection coefficients to meet your needs
  • Use power sweep to characterize devices with respect to input power
  • For simultaneous transmission/reflection measurements and improved ease-of-use, add the Keysight 85630A scalar test set with built-in RF bridges and internal switching