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85014C Active Device Measurement Software

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Principais recursos e especificações

  • Measurements (vs. frequency): S, H, Y, and Z parameters (Polar, Smith, Log or Linear Magnitude, Phase) Amplifier summary: Lists or plots Gu, max, GA, max, K, [S21]^2, [S12]^2, U, Mason´s U, G1, and G2. Termination summary: Lists or plot Gamma MS, Gamma ML, 1/S11, 1/S22.
  • Source Control: Start, stop, number of points (51, 101, 201, 401) Power Level, sweep mode, and averaging factor.
  • Calibration Kits: Keysight 85050B/D (7 mm)
  • Calibration Types: Guided full 2-port in 7 mm with or without de-embedding. For non-7 mm interfaces, the software recalls any 2-port calibration (including in-fixture TRL* calibration) performed on the front panel.
  • Fixtures: Keysight 85041A Transistor Test Fixture (0.07 and 0.10 in. packages only). If a different fixture is then used, the fixture´s S-parameters must be supplied as a "data file" for de-embedding.
  • Bias Control: The software provides safe and oscillation-free automatic biasing of bipolar and field effect transistors with any of the following supplies: Keysight 6626A/29A Precision Power Supply Keysight 4145A/B Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer Keysight 4141B DC Source/Monitor Keysight 4142B Modular DC Source/Monitor Provision for manual control of the bias is also included.
  • Data Storage: Binary, Touchstone, SuperCompact or CITIfile formats. S-parameter data may be stored to and retrieved from disc. Measurement configurations may also be stored.


With the Keysight 85014C software, a Keysight 8720 system can make complete automated S-parameter measurements of active devices in-fixture. The Keysight 85014C software provides the capability to use the TRL* calibration with in-fixture standards or the fixture can be de-embedded from the test device. This software includes models to de-embed the Keysight 85014A transistor fixture. With the Keysight 85014C Transistor Test Fixture, packaged transistors can be characterized from 45 MHz to 18 GHz in 0.070 and 0.100 inch stripline packages only. The software also provides automatic control of device biasing and hardcopy data outputs in a variety of formats.

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