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84300A Electromagnetic Immunity Test System

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Discontinued product - support information only.

The Keysight 84300A electromagnetic immunity test systems are designed to perform radiated and conducted immunity tests according to the IEC 1000-4-3 and IEC 1000-4-6 standards. The systems provide uniform field-strength calibrations, accurate field-strength monitoring, and predefined test setups that minimize your startup time. Whether you perform only radiated or both radiated and conducted immunity tests, Keysight 84300A systems can be custom configured for immunity testing of your electronic products. On-site installation, system performance tests, and user training on system operation is provided at time of delivery of the Keysight 84300A.

The radiated immunity test capability of the systems can be modified or expanded by including additional hardware, software and accessories. Conducted immunity test capability from 150 kHz to 230 MHz can be added to the Keysight 84300A systems.

  • Radiated field strengths up to 10 volts/meter from 26 to 1000 MHz (options to 4 GHz)
  • Calibrated, uniform field of -0 dB to +6 dB over a 1.5 meter square at 3 meters from transmitting antenna
  • Conducted signal level of 10 volts from 150 kHz to 230 MHz
  • Automatic x-y probe positioner for field strength calibration and uniformity tests
  • Remote-controlled closed circuit TV camera for visual EUT monitoring