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64789B Emulator for the Intel 386EX Embedded Processor

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The Keysight 64789B emulator supports the Intel 80386EX processor with real-time, no wait state emulation to 25 MHz in both real and protected modes. The emulator also fully supports the System Management Mode (SMM) operation. User selectable foreground and background monitors with dual port memory insure maximum transparency in varied operating environments.

The Keysight 64789B active probe implementation operates between 3.3V and 5V and has long 914 mm (36 inch) cables for easy target system access without sacrificing electrical transparency or clock speed. The probe contains a bond-out version of the microprocessor, emulation monitor, run control circuits and up to 8 Mbytes of emulation overlay memory. Extensive breakpoint capabilities provide considerable flexibility to start and stop program execution at specific locations within very complex code.

The Keysight E3417A probe adapter connects to 132 PQFP versions of the Intel386 EX processor and converts the signals to the 13x13 PGA pattern required by the emulator probe. The probe adapter snaps on to the device under test (DUT). In addition, the adapter has four clips that slide under the DUT to secure the connection.

Connection between the female PGA pattern found on the adapter transition board and the female PGA interface on the emulator probe is accomplished with a male to male PGA header (Keysight Part Number 64774-87604) which is shipped with each emulator probe. For pin protection, one or more PGA sockets (Keysight part number 1200-1920) may be used.