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64783A Emulator for Motorola 68040, 68EC040, and 68LC040 Processors

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Principais recursos e especificações


  • 33 MHz (HP 64783A) active probe emulators
  • Supports burst and synchronous mode in target memory and emulation memory
  • Supports 68040 features like DMA cycles, cache copyback, and bus snooping
  • Refer to the data sheet for more information


The Keysight 64783A active probe emulator supports Motorola 68040 microprocessors from 16.7 to 33 MHz operation. This emulator offers the measurement capabilities that include interpreted displays of on-chip registers, nonintrusive display of emulation memory, deep trace analyzer, and hardware break events. In addition, hardware assisted software breakpoints allow setting of breakpoints in target ROM space to simplify the debugging of ROM. Foreground and background monitors are included to make it easier to accommodate various targets.

Designers using the Motorola 32-bit 68040 microprocessor are assured of a full line of support with modular emulation tools and software support on a range of design platforms. The emulator is an integrated part of a total solution for the design of your 68040 embedded system. Keysight has integrated code-development, debug, emulation, software performance analysis, and software test verification into a comprehensive package that will meet your embedded design requirements. You have the choice of selecting the entire development package or only the parts that you need at a specific time.

For PC hosted embedded development, a Real-Time C Debugger user interface combines the ease of use of a full MS Windows user interface with Keysight 64700B's transparent, real-time emulation. This combination provides an unmatched ability to debug embedded C programs at the sources level, while your target runs at full speed.

The Keysight 64783A emulator supports the Motorola 68360 companion mode through the Keysight interface software for workstations and PCs. Motorola designed the 68360 processor to have a glueless interface with the 68040 where it controls the peripheral registers of the 68360. The extensive control and measurement capabilities of the Keysight 64783A emulator make it ideal for supporting 68360 peripheral registers.