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64747B Emulator for Motorola 68030/68EC030 Processors

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Principais recursos e especificações


  • Support for 68030 MMU and DeMMU operation
  • 40 MHz active probe emulator
  • Supports burst and synchronous mode in target memory and emulation memory
  • Refer to the data sheet for more information


The Keysight 64747B emulator supports Motorola 68030 and 68EC030 microprocessors through 40 MHz operation.

The Keysight 64747B active probe emulator supports 68030 target systems that use the memory management unit (MMU). The 68030 MMU registers and tables are displayed and physical addresses are translated to corresponding logical addresses to link bus and program activity (DeMMUing). MMU table information can be updated automatically from the target system by user command.

Real-Time Emulation

The Keysight 64747B is an active probe emulator that contains the microprocessor, emulation monitor, and run control circuitry. Additionally, both a custom memory mapper chip and memory are located on the probe. Keysight 64747B runs with zero wait-states out of target memory through 25 MHz. Above 25 MHz three cycle asynchronous and synchronous accesses are supported. Burst mode accesses above 25 MHz support a 3-2-2-2 cycle pattern.

For run control, extensive breakpoint capabilities let you definewhere to start and stop the execution of code. Up to 32 software breakpoints can be set up in the emulator, allowing execution to be halted at an instruction point. Hardware breakpoints increase the flexibility and power of this feature, for stopping at processor address, data and status points.

Flexible Memory Configuration

Memory modules are used for emulation memory. Two slots are available on the active probe, allowing you to plug in the amount of memory you need up to two megabytes. If you initially order less than the maximum amount, you can easily expand your system by adding the appropriate module(s). Modules for 256 Kbyte (Keysight 64171A) and 1 Mbyte (Keysight 64171B) are available and can be sued in any combination with a maximum configuration of 2 Mbytes.

There cycle asynchronous and synchronous accesses are supported through 40 MHz operation for Keysight 64747B. Burst mode accesses are made in a 3-2-2-2 cycle pattern.

In addition to the memory modules, four kilobytes of dual-ported emulation RAM is available when the background monitor is used. This dual-ported memory allows you to display and modify critical program variables without halting the target system.