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548A Logic Clip

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Keysight's easiest-to-use integrated circuit troubleshooter, the 548A clips directly onto dual inline package (DIP) integrated circuits (ICs) and reads the states of all pins simultaneously. An associated LED indicates the state of each pin (up to 16) -- the HIGH and LOW states are read in one glance for an entire IC.

There are no controls to set, adjustments to make, or external signal connections to make.

The 548A clarifies the relationship of inputs to outputs. Just step a counter or shift register through a complete cycle and verify outputs, resets, clears, and other signals.

The clip quickly shows if a device is following its truth table, or if a logic fault exists.

  • Multi-family troubleshooting
  • Overload protection to 30 Vdc
  • Convenient clip placement
  • Warranted for a full year
  • Multi-family TTL, DTL, RTL, CMOS and most other positive voltage logic families can be tested. Operation is automatic over the supply range of 4 to 18 Vdc, and maximum current drain is always less than 50 mA, even under worst-case conditions. Overload protection The clip's buffered inputs draw less than 15 microamps from signal pins; circuit loading virtually never occurs. Convenient The clip uses its own internal self-seeking logic circuitry so that its orientation does not matter. It can be placed on a device upside down or right side up. The clip automatically locates the supply and ground pins, and immediately starts indicating the state of all pins.