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34820A BenchLink Suite Software

Status do Produto: Obsoleto | Veja opções de Serviço
Este produto não se encontra disponível


This product is scheduled for discontinuance on Nov 1, 2002. As a replacement, please use the IntuiLink software that ships with the instrument. IntuiLink Connectivity Software

With the power and flexibility of Keysight BenchLink software, you can get the most out of your Keysight scope, arb/function generator, DMM, or counter. Document and analyze your scope waveforms, move scope waveform data into your arb, graphically create your own arb waveforms, and better manage your counter or DMM results. Individual software products are available for each instrument, or use the Keysight BenchLink Suite if you work with several of these Keysight test instruments.

This Keysight 34820A BenchLink Suite combines all the capability of the Keysight 34810B BenchLink Scope, Keysight 34811A BenchLink Arb and Keysight 34812A BenchLink Meter.

  • Connect your scope, DMM, arb, or counter to your PC for documentation and data analysis
  • Extract scope waveforms for documentation
  • Graphically create arbitrary waveforms for the Keysight 33120A function/arb generator
  • Graph, tabulate, and store DMM or counter data
  • Operating system: Windows® 3.1x, 95, 98, or NT™ 4.0.
  • Controller: 486/66 MHz or higher
  • Serial port (COM1, 2, 3, or 4), or IEEE-488 card (Keysight 82335B, Keysight 82341C/D, Keysight 82350A, or National Instruments AT-GPIB, AT/TNT, or GPIB-PC)
  • 16 MB or more RAM
  • MS-compatible mouse
  • 10 MB disk space for each Keysight BenchLink application
  • Uses RS-232 or GPIB (IEEE-488)
  • MS-DOS, Windows and Windows NT are U.S. registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.