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10946C Automatic Compensation Board

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The Keysight 10946C compensation board increases the accuracy and repeatability of Keysight's 5527B laser interferometer positioning systems. The compensation board interfaces environmental sensors to the system, and performs the necessary computations automatically. Ideal for use in unstable environments, the Keysight 10946C greatly reduces measurement errors caused by changing air temperature, pressure, and relative humidity.

The Keysight 10946C uses Keysight 10751A/B air sensors to detect and compensate for changes in the system's operating environment. Material temperature compensation is accomplished using the Keysight 10757A/B/C Material Temperature Sensors. The air sensors and the Keysight 10717A wavelength tracker provide wavelength-of-light compensation.

The 10946C automatically compensates for environmental changes because each laser interferometer measurement depends on the wavelength-of-light (WOL) as its basic scale length, changes in air temperature, pressure, and humidity change the air's index of refraction, which in turn changes the WOL in air. Automatic compensation using HP-supplied equipment ensures a complete solution in variable environments. Automatically Compensates For Thermal Expansion Measurement errors can result from thermal expansion of the workpiece or machine being measured. Two Keysight 10757A/B/C Material Temperature Sensors can be used with the Keysight 10946C to measure material temperature and to compensate for thermal expansion errors. Field- or Factory-Installed The Keysight 10946C can be ordered as a factory-installed option to the Keysight 5507B electronics system (option 046), or can be ordered separately to enhance system accuracy.

  • Power Requirements (not including sensors): +5V at 0.7 A, +15V at 17 mA, -15V at 12 mA
  • Calibration Interval: 12 months (only if Keysight 10751A/B Air Sensor or Keysight 10757A/B/C (Material Temperature Sensor is used)
  • Number of Sensors Allowed: Air Sensor: 1
  • Material Temperature Sensors: 2
  • Wavelength Tracker: 1
  • Auxiliary Channel: 1
  • Compensation Number Alert Range: +/-10 ppm
  • Compensation Number Update Rate:
  • Wavelength Tracker only: 100 Hz nominal with Keysight 10751 and Keysight 10757 Sensors: 2.5 Hz
  • Thermal Expansion Coefficient Value Range: Metric: +/-180 ppm/degree C, English:+/-100 ppm/degree F
  • Auxiliary Input Range: +/-0.999V into 100 kohm
  • Automatically compensates for environmental changes that affect WOL
  • Automatically compensates for equipment thermal expansion
  • Field or factory installation offers system flexibility
  • Increases accuracy and repeatability of systems using Keysight axis, servo-axis, or A-Quad-B axis boards
  • High reliability backed by Keysight warranty