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10934A A-Quad-B Axis Board

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The Keysight 10934A axis board provides A-Quad-B and up/down pulse outputs for Keysight laser interferometer positioning systems. The Keysight 10934A has greater accuracy and resolution than other types of scales with A-Quad-B output. With a variety of interfaces, including RS-232, 8-bit parallel, and system GP-IB, it easily connects with existing equipment such as CNC controllers. The Keysight 10934A features user-selectable setup variables, data rates, output formats, and output resolutions.

Up to six Keysight 10934A boards, allowing simultaneous motion control and coordination of up to six axes, can be configured in a Keysight 5527B laser interferometer system. The Keysight 5527B system offers complete, automatic environmental compensation for all measurement axes and for thermal expansion of the part or machine. The Keysight 10934A lets you produce high accuracy, complex parts in an uncontrolled environment.

  • Power
  • Typical Power Requirements (not including receiver):
  • +5V @2.5A
  • +15V @ 40 mA
  • -15V @ 30 mA
  • Fuse Rating (+5V): 5 A fuse to board, 1 A fuse to rear panel output
  • Programmable Control
  • Interfaces: RS-232C (two), 8-bit parallel, and GP-IB (system)
  • RS-232 Baud Rates: 110, 134.5, 150, 200, 600, 1200, 1800, 2000, 2400, 4800, 9600, and 19200
  • 8-bit Parallel Transfer Rate (Typical): 2000 bytes/sec
  • Rear Panel Status and Control
  • Control Interface:
  • Hardwire-selectable, optically isolated 5, 12, or 24 volts
  • Control Signals: Start, Stop, Error Reset, Axis Initialize, Preset Enable, Compensation, Update, External Sample, External Multiply, and Mark Input
  • Status Interface: Optically isolated open collector, maximum rating is 24 V and 50 mA
  • Status Signals: Ready, Axis Error, and System Error
  • Pulse/Quadrature Outputs
  • Data Format: Compensated phase quadrature (A-Quad-B), or up/down pulses. TTL differential output (4 wire), with a 75ns pulse width for up/down pulses
  • Output Rate: Information is output on every edge of the A-Quad-B signal, and on leading edges of the up/down pulses. Output rate (kHz); 781, 805, 831, 859, 889, 920, 955, 991, 1031, 1074, 1121, 1171, 1227, 1289, 1366, 1432, 1516, 1611, 1718, 1841, 1982, 2148, 2343, 2577, 2864, 3221, 3682, 4295, and 5154
  • A-Quad-B: (Output rate) / (4)
  • Output Resolution:
  • High resolution optics: 0.002 um to 25 um (0.1 uin to 1000 uin)
  • Plane mirror optics: 0.006 um to 50 um (0.2 uin to 2000 uin)
  • Linear or single beam optics: 0.020 um to 100 um (0.4 uin to 4000 uin)
  • Response Time from optics movement to last pulse edge containing information:
  • T = 0.47 usec + (6.25 +/- 0.5) T(sub)g + ((Velocity x T(sub)g) / (Output Resolution)) + (0.5 +/- 0.5))T(sub)p
  • where T(sub)g = 1 / Laser Head Reference Frequency and T(sub)p = 1 / Pulse Output Rate
  • Long-distance accuracy enables fabrication of large parts
  • Field or factory installation offers system flexibility
  • Automatic environmental compensation available for maximum repeatability
  • High reliability backed by Keysight warranty
  • Long-Distance Accuracy Configured in a Keysight 5507B electronics chassis or a complete Keysight 5527B laser interferometer positioning system, the Keysight 10934A provides undiminished accuracy over distances as long as 21 meters, enabling fabrication of very large, high-accuracy parts. Field or Factory Installed The Keysight 10934A can be ordered as a factory-installed option to the Keysight 5507B electronics system (option 034), or can be ordered separately to customize or expand a system. Easy connection to existing equipment reduces cost, resources, and downtime required for system upgrading. Environmental Compensation The Keysight 10946C compensation board can be configured with the system to maximize system accuracy and repeatability in changing environments. Produce parts with extremely fine, smooth surface finishes.