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10719A One Axis Differential Interferometer

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The Keysight 10719A One Axis Differential Interferometer makes either a differential linear or angular measurement for use in single and multiple axis applications. The linear measurement gauges the displacement between two objects, such as a stage and an optical column or inspection tool. The 10719A also measures either pitch or roll. An angle is measured when both reference and measurement beams measure to the same mirror. The 10721A provides high immunity to unwanted interferometer displacement, such as thermal expansion. It is a modular, compact design with monolithic optics for maximized mechanical stability. Use of a small 3 mm beam helps decrease Abbé offset error.

The 10719A includes a shear plate to create parallel beam paths, one retroreflector to manipulate the beam path, and two quarter wave plates.

For linear measurements, the user must supply both the reference and measurement mirror.

For angular displacements, the user must supply one mirror to reflect both the reference and measurement beams.

See the 10721A for two axis differential measurements.

  • Application: One differential linear or one angular measurement
  • Distinguishing Feature: Differential
  • # of Axis: 1
  • Maximum Beam Size: 3 mm
  • Beam Separation: 19.05 mm (0.75 in)
  • Weight: 300 g (10.6 oz)
  • Fundamental Optical Resolution: λ/4 (158.2 nm, 6.2 µin), 1.71 arcsec (8.3 µrad)
  • System Resolution: λ/128 (5 nm, 0.2 µin), 0.054 arcsec (0.26 µrad) based on using 32x electronic resolution extension 
  • System Resolution: λ/1024 (0.62 nm, 0.024 µin), 0.007 arcsec (0.03 µrad) based on using 256x electronic resolution extension
  • Reflector: custom
  • Mount Used: custom
  • Referenced: Yes
  • Turned Configuration: No