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E6385A Lucent CDMA PCS Base Station Test Software

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Keysight Technologies test set and new software cuts test time for Lucent AMPS and CDMA PCS base stations.

Keysight Technologies has introduced new software to its Keysight Technologies 8935 CDMA Cellular/PCS Base Station Test Set to help installation and maintenance technicians reduce the time it takes to test Personal Communication Service (PCS) base stations. This new software is designed specifically to automate testing for PCS CDMA Minicell base stations which are manufactured by Lucent Technologies. The software package is available as Keysight Technologies E6385A 8935 Lucent CDMA PCS Base Station Test Software.

One of the most important new features this package provides is the control of Minicell equipment through the Mobile Switching Center (MSC). E6385A automates (MSC) control via a modem connected to the 8935 test set. E6385A also provides structured, automated testing. A simple menu-driven user interface requires less technical expertise to retrieve consistent, reported measurements.

Output reports are always presented in the same format and may be printed, saved to a memory card or sent to a laptop PC for detailed examination at a later time to identify key trends. This improves maintenance record keeping because the same, pertinent data is always captured. Combined, these two powerful new software-enabled features increase the base station technician's efficiency and decrease the service provider's maintenance cost with time savings. This time savings is especially realized when technicians are required to test multiple sites.

Other E6385A enhancements provide these efficiency benefits:

  • When the software package is initiated, it pre-configures the test set for ease-of-use.
  • PN search algorithm determines the base station PN offset value.
  • Specific transmitter tests like code domain timing, code domain phase, carrier feedthrough, relative code domain power, and spectrum analysis can run while the base station is in service.
  • E6385A automates insertion loss measurements through cables and other RF components.