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N2265A Multifunction Module (4x4 Matrix + 16-bit Digital I/O)

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The Keysight N2265A multifunction module combines a 4x4 two-wire matrix and 16 bits of digital I/O in one module. The N2265A is designed for applications that require multiple functions in one module for space saving and system cost saving. The 4x4 matrix which includes 16 crosspoints that provide the most convenient way to connect a group of test instruments to multiple test points on DUTs. Each crosspoint in a module switches two wires (high and low) of a test point. The N2265A includes 16 bi-directional data lines (bits) plus 3 handshake lines. The 16-bit I/O lines are TTL compatible input/output, or TTL compatible input and open collector output up to 42 V. The 16 I/O bits can be addressed individually, as two independent 8-bit ports, or as one 16-bit port. A Zener diode is used in each channel for input voltage over-protection (>42 V DC)and ESD protection. Each I/O line can sink up to 0.6 A to control external devices. A connection terminal is not provided with the module. A screw terminal block, crimp and insert terminal block, and DIN96-to-D25/D50 cables are available for ease of wiring.

  • 4x4 matrix and 16-bit Digital I/O in one module
  • High speed switching in parallel operation
  • Built-in relay cycle counters
  • For complete detains, click on the Data Sheet link.