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Discontinued Reliability Test – Advanced Scalable Unified Reliability (ASUR)

A perfect technology storm

The industry dilemma: Innovation has higher risk
The development of nanometer-scale technologies and new materials has raised testing challenges into the limelight. From technology reports and road maps to the analyst’s reports, testing’s impact on the semiconductor industry is enormous for the 300 mm era and beyond; reliability data is indispensable in the process of selecting new materials. Therefore, it is critical to have scalable and cost effective parametric and reliability testing for modern manufacturing.

The ASUR Family:

One hardware, one software, from instruments to systems
ASUR is a scalable solution in which data can be correlated from instruments to systems and to packaged testers. ASUR can be used in IDM, foundries, fabless and equipment companies, reducing development cycle time while helping control maturing processes. Useful at all phases of the IC life cycle-development, qualification, production, and quick identification of reliability problems, including the maturing processes.

  • Precision Architecture and Scalable Test Control
    - Industry’s only true scaleable platform solution architecture
    - True per-pin to multi-group without relaxation in one software
  • Keysight WLR Technology DNA Inside
    Keysight Reliability DNA now in its Fifth Generation
    - One software family, one hardware family; no doubts
  • Superior phenomena detection
    - Greater sophistication and control in capturing new reliability phenomena
    - Better decisions with advanced detection mechanisms for more accurate statistics
  • Industry’s only dedicated reliability analysis environment
    - Powerfully integrated analysis and problem solving for immediate knowledge
    - The original and only progressive analysis standard in semiconductor test for 10 years
  • Improve your timing for business decisions
    - Confident marketing decisions and planning in real time
    - Lower cost with higher speed, certainty and confidence

For more information about curve tracers and precision current-voltage analyzers, please visit Parameter and Device Analyzers, Curve Tracer.

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