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Propsim Channel Emulation WLAN 802.11 Testing

  • Quickly design and verify the IEEE WLAN 802.11ac/ax (and legacy) product spatial multiplexing, beamforming and MU-MIMO algorithms as well as the critical Channel State Information (CSI) functionality
  • Optimize the air interface performance and maximize the achievable system throughput with full control of the radio channel characteristics across multiple users and interference
  • Access an undistorted 160 MHz bandwidth with excellent EVM performance and phase stability

The industry standard MIMO channel emulator for WLAN 802.11 chipset research and design verification, supporting up to 160 MHz signal bandwidth with 8x8 MU-MIMO and 3D beamforming.

Soluções e Produtos Relacionados

  • no image available PROPSIM Channel Emulation Solutions 

    PROPSIM Channel Emulation Solutions

    • Simulate real-world radio channel conditions in the lab
    • Enhance end-users’ experience with the most realistic propagation environment
    • Emulate radio channel characteristics including path loss, multi-path fading, Doppler spread and polarization

  • no image available Propsim Channel Emulation MIMO OTA Testing 

    Propsim Channel Emulation MIMO OTA Testing

    • Over-the-Air testing of mobile devices in the lab
    • Complete performance testing of the device, including the antenna, RF front end and baseband
    • Realistic RF environment for standardized testing of a device within an anechoic or reverberation chamber

  • no image available Propsim Channel Emulation MIMO & Beamforming Testing 

    Propsim Channel Emulation MIMO & Beamforming Testing

    • Test base station and network algorithms, link adaptivity and smart antenna solutions in a non-stationary radio channel environment
    • Stochastic channel models for user-defined geometry-based scenarios
    • Advanced test scenarios related to adaptive antennas

  • no image available PROPSIM F64 MANET Channel Emulation Solution 

    PROPSIM F64 MANET Channel Emulation Solution

    • Performance testing of Mobile Ad-hoc Networks in the lab under real-world radio propagation conditions
    • Tests key functionality of critical communications networks in hardware-in-the-loop test beds
    • Evaluates mission plans and what-if scenarios

  • no image available Propsim Channel Emulation Aerospace Testing 

    Propsim Channel Emulation Aerospace Testing

    • Realistic real-time propagation environments for aerospace, satellite and airborne radio link testing
    • Aerospace and terrestrial channel emulation in a single box
    • High-velocity test environments that meet requirements for the highest levels of Doppler

  • no image available Anite Conformance Toolset 

    Anite Conformance Toolset

    • Easy-to-use conformance test solution
    • Protocol testing of mobile devices to ensure compliance with the latest industry standards
    • Comprehensive campaign management and analysis tools

  • no image available Anite SAS Interoperability Testing 

    Anite SAS Interoperability Testing

    • Easy-to-use network simulator solution
    • Testing of devices in the integration, interoperability testing and carrier acceptance testing phases
    • Comprehensive performance testing solution

  • no image available Anite Application Testing 

    Anite Application Testing

    • Comprehensive support for IMS LTE test plans mandated by major mobile operators, GCF and PTCRB
    • Reliable, intuitive and feature rich software

  • no image available Anite Development Toolset 

    Anite Development Toolset

    • Supports all phases of wireless terminal development from pre-silicon protocol module development to verification
    • Supports an extensive LTE/LTE-Advanced technology roadmap including early 5G specifications

  • no image available Conjuntos de teste wireless 

    Conjuntos de teste wireless

    • Disponível para as principais tecnologias e formatos de conectividade wireless
    • Flexibilidade excepcional para P&D e produção

  • no image available Softwares para os conjuntos de teste wireless 

    Softwares para os conjuntos de teste wireless

    • Soluções de medição para dispositivos celulares e de conexão sem fio
    • Automatiza tarefas de medição e análise demoradas, complexas ou repetitivas
    • Simplifica testes para P&D e linha de produção
    • Softwares para tecnologias específicas

  • no image available Wireless Test Systems 

    Wireless Test Systems

    • Solutions for design verification, RF conformance, and protocol conformance testing
    • For R&D and manufacturing operations
    • Integrated and complete rack-mounted and desk-top configurations

  • no image available N5106A Gerador de Banda-base e Emulador de Canais PXB 

    N5106A Gerador de Banda-base e Emulador de Canais PXB

    • Baseband generator and channel emulator
    • High performance: R&D
    • Up to 160 MHz bandwidth