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Anite Conformance Toolset

  • Ensure mobile devices perform as expected on a live mobile network by verifying their compliance with latest industry specifications
  • Use independently validated test cases when performing GCF and PTCRB device certification testing
  • Access comprehensive test case portfolio covering all GSM-evolved technologies, from GSM through HSPA+ up to the very latest LTE-Advanced and IMS test cases

Comprehensive campaign management and analysis tools

  • Leading coverage of GCF and PTCRB device certification requirements
  • Advanced logging features to enable rapid debug of test case failures
  • Remote control interface and extensive automation to maximize test throughput
  • Unique solution for automatically programming required SIM card profiles
  • Modular, scalable architecture and flexible licensing for cost effective use of assets
  • Industry-renowned ease-of-use, stability and reliability make Anite Conformance Toolset the solution of choice for protocol conformance testing

Soluções e Produtos Relacionados

  • no image available Anite Development Toolset 

    Anite Development Toolset

    • Supports all phases of wireless terminal development from pre-silicon protocol module development to verification
    • Supports an extensive LTE/LTE-Advanced technology roadmap including early 5G specifications

  • no image available Anite SAS Interoperability Testing 

    Anite SAS Interoperability Testing

    • Easy-to-use network simulator solution
    • Testing of devices in the integration, interoperability testing and carrier acceptance testing phases
    • Comprehensive performance testing solution

  • no image available Anite Application Testing 

    Anite Application Testing

    • Comprehensive support for IMS LTE test plans mandated by major mobile operators, GCF and PTCRB
    • Reliable, intuitive and feature rich software

  • no image available Keysight Virtual Drive Testing Toolset 

    Keysight Virtual Drive Testing Toolset

    • Real-world, automated performance testing of devices and network infrastructure in the lab
    • Sophisticated test automation with industry-leading field and lab test tools
    • Emulates real-world RF network conditions in a controlled laboratory environment

  • no image available PROPSIM Channel Emulation Solutions 

    PROPSIM Channel Emulation Solutions

    • Simulate real-world radio channel conditions in the lab
    • Enhance end-users’ experience with the most realistic propagation environment
    • Emulate radio channel characteristics including path loss, multi-path fading, Doppler spread and polarization

  • no image available Conjuntos de teste wireless 

    Conjuntos de teste wireless

    • Disponível para as principais tecnologias e formatos de conectividade wireless
    • Flexibilidade excepcional para P&D e produção

  • no image available Softwares para os conjuntos de teste wireless 

    Softwares para os conjuntos de teste wireless

    • Soluções de medição para dispositivos celulares e de conexão sem fio
    • Automatiza tarefas de medição e análise demoradas, complexas ou repetitivas
    • Simplifica testes para P&D e linha de produção
    • Softwares para tecnologias específicas

  • no image available Wireless Test Systems 

    Wireless Test Systems

    • Solutions for design verification, RF conformance, and protocol conformance testing
    • For R&D and manufacturing operations
    • Integrated and complete rack-mounted and desk-top configurations