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Instrument Lifecycle Solutions

Keysight’s Instrument Lifecycle Solutions are our commitment to address the service requirements that span your product lifecycle. Through these solutions, we provide a range of standard and tailored alternatives that ensure the longevity you need—from the date of purchase to the day you transition to new technology.

Warranty Period Solutions - Gives greater peace of mind and greater convenience
Standard Service Period Solutions - Ensures ongoing performance, post-warranty
Extended Service Period Solutions - Makes the transition seamless to new technology

  • Ensure continuity of your programs with agreements on essential instruments
  • Keep your older instruments running to warranted specs with our expertise
  • Extend, upgrade or migrate your instruments to implement a technology refresh program
  • Save with like-new Keysight Premium Used equipment and Trade-in credits

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  • Upgrade Service Upgrade Service 

    Upgrade Service

    As test needs change, go to higher frequencies, wider bandwidths, and more -- and save compared to buying new equipment

  • Programas de Trade-in Programas de Trade-in 

    Programas de Trade-in

  • Extended Service Extended Service 

    Extended Service

    We can help you maintain long-term systems that include instruments we no longer manufacture.