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Software de Programação de Ambiente

Keysight has the software you need to automate your tests, measurements and perform advanced analysis. Whether you need a powerful graphical programming environment, a flexible test executive developed specifically for electronics manufacturing, the numerical computation, visualization, and programming found in MATLAB, or ALL of these capabilities, Keysight has your needs covered.

  • VEE is a graphical programming environment with many different options and configurations available for your specific requirements.
  • TestExecSL is a flexible test executive for high-volume, high throughput functional test applications.
  • MATLAB is available from Keysight and provides the ability to make custom measurements, analyze and visualize data, create arbitrary waveforms, control instruments, and build test systems.
  • TestExec SL Software TestExec SL Software 

    TestExec SL Software

    TestExec SL is a highly flexible test executive software for electronics manufacturing functional test applications in multiple industries.

  • MATLAB Software MATLAB Software 

    MATLAB Software

    • Create arbitrary waveforms
    • Customize measurement/data analysis routines, instrument applications/test systems
    • Automate measurements, signal generation, report generation
    • Available directly from Keysight with purchase of compatible instrument

  • PathWave Test Automation PathWave Test Automation 

    PathWave Test Automation

    • Test Automation Software
    • Test Development Suite
    • Test Automation Plugins and Utilities
    • PathWave Test Solutions

  • VEE Pro 9.33 VEE Pro 9.33 

    VEE Pro 9.33

    • Microsoft® Windows® 10 compatibility
    • Multithreading
    • Multi-core programming
    • USB Modular DAQ vTools*
    • General vTools*
    • SCPI completion

  • KF9000A PathWave FPGA Programming Environment KF9000A PathWave FPGA Programming Environment 

    KF9000A PathWave FPGA Programming Environment

    • Rapidly prototype your special mode of operation or new control structures on Keysight AWG, Transceiver*, Digitizer* and more.
    • User-friendly graphical FPGA programming environment
    • Streamlined design process (Full native FPGA-code compatibility)