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PXI Software

Keysight modular products include software tools to help you quickly access your test equipment and make measurements. The Keysight IO Libraries Suite allows you to display and configure all of the modules in your system such as LXI, VXI, PXI, AXIe and USB. In addition, software drivers support the most common programming environments such as Visual Studio®, C, C++, Visual Basic, MATLAB® and LabVIEW.

The PXI modular platforms include soft front panels to easily verify connectivity to a module and make immediate measurements. This feature is especially useful during software development and debug, and for performing benchtop measurements with one or more modular devices.

Visual Studio and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
MATLAB is a U.S. registered trademark of The Math Works, Inc.
LabView is a trademark of National Instruments.


  • IO Libraries Suite IO Libraries Suite 

    IO Libraries Suite

    • Easy connection from instruments to the PC
    • Compatible with most instruments that use GPIB, RS-232, LAN, PXI, AXIe, and USB interfaces
    • Enables instrument communication for a variety of application development environments

  • M3601A Hardware Virtual Instrument (HVI) Design Environment M3601A Hardware Virtual Instrument (HVI) Design Environment 

    M3601A Hardware Virtual Instrument (HVI) Design Environment

    • Graphical real-time sequencing to facilitate development of time-based synchronized systems
    • Ultra-fast time-deterministic decision making
    • Off-the-shelf inter-module synchronization with phase coherent channels
    • Flowchart programming interface

  • M3602A Graphical FPGA Design Environment M3602A Graphical FPGA Design Environment 

    M3602A Graphical FPGA Design Environment

    • Graphical FPGA programming provides onboard digital signal processing for hardware acceleration
    • FPGA programming made simple
    • Minimizing FPGA know-how requirements
    • User-friendly graphical environment without performance penalty

  • M9560A-1TP Radio Test Audio Library M9560A-1TP Radio Test Audio Library 

    M9560A-1TP Radio Test Audio Library

    • Provides software library (.NET Classes) with audio analysis components for Radio Test, Solution
    • Generate audio test waveforms
    • Measure audio spectrum, THD, SINAD, SNR, audio filters, BER, pseudo-voice
    • Supports ADLINK PXI-9527

  • S8900A PA Test Solution S8900A PA Test Solution 

    S8900A PA Test Solution

    • Comprehensive software solution for PA/FEM tests
    • Based on Test Automation Platform (TAP)
    • Ready-to-use test software
    • Easy-to-customize test sequences

  • S8901A PA Test Software S8901A PA Test Software 

    S8901A PA Test Software

    • The core software of S8900A PA Test Solution
    • TAP plugins for key PA measurements
    • ET/DPD measurement application
    • Test Plan Parser
    • Operator Interface

  • S8902A Noise Figure Measurement S8902A Noise Figure Measurement 

    S8902A Noise Figure Measurement

    • Add NF measurement to S8900A PA Test Solution
    • Support Y-factor and cold source methods
    • Support M9391/93A VSA and M9421A VXT
    • Support 346 Series noise source

  • S8903A ET/DPD Measurement S8903A ET/DPD Measurement 

    S8903A ET/DPD Measurement

    The Keysight S8903A ET/DPD Measurement is the optional library of the S8900A PA Test Solution for the measurement with envelope tracking and digital pre-distortion.