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PXI Chassis, Controllers, and Interface Modules

Build a PXI test system, by choosing the chassis and controllers that meet your needs. Keysight offers a variety of chassis with different sizes and performance characteristics.

For the highest performance system, configure one of Keysight's Gen 3 chassis with either the M9023A or M9024A PXIe high-performance system modules and PC host adapters. This Gen 3 configuration will enable up to 16 GB/s system bandwidth to an external PC.

Keysight PXIe Chassis

We offer the following PXIe chassis:

  • M9019A 18-slot chassis, Gen 3 enables test of multi-channel, high-performance manufacturing applications, such as MIMO and PA/FEM.
  • M9018B 18-slot chassis, Gen 2 is a cost-effective platform to build large systems when Gen 3 performance is not required. It provides all hybrid slots and a high-performance cooling system.
  • M9010A 10-slot chassis, Gen 3 delivers industry-leading sound power levels combined with exceptional per-slot cooling to meet the demands of high-performance PXIe modules. It's a great platform for desktop use and small channel-count R&D applications.
  • M9005A 5-slot chassis, Gen 1 is perfect for small, low-cost applications such as low-channel count VNA systems.

Keysight Embedded Controller and Cable I/O solutions

Keysight provides both flexibility and performance while giving you the choice between controller options. Select an embedded controller when you need a compact solution or want a direct connection to the PXIe backplane. Choose from multiple options for connecting the latest computer hardware to a chassis. Available solutions range from a base-level x8 Gen 2 cable link and to a high-performance x16 Gen 3 cable link. The M9023A and M9024A PXIe system modules also provide options for connecting multiple chassis together using a high-performance, x8 Gen 3 daisy-chain link. For the highest level of performance in multi-chassis systems, you can use multiple M9049A host adapters in a star configuration.

PXI Interface Modules for Avionics Test System Solutions

Avionics interface modules from Avionics Interface Technologies, offered through Keysight, enable connectivity between your PXI test systems solution to DUT’s with aviation industry standard buses. These modules are capable of simulation, monitoring, record and play back of bus traffic enabling test and verification of avionics equipment data communication capabilities. The available interface modules support industry standard avionics based buses such as MIL-STD 1553, ARINC 429, and ARINC 664p7, and Fibre Channel.

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