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PCI EXPRESS® Protocol Solutions

Digital Test Console – PCIe Analyzer for PCIe 3.0 PCIe 2.0 and PCIe 1.0

Digital Test Console, industry’s only complete and integrated PCIe 3.0 Test Solution – PCIe Analyzer, PCIe Probes and PCIe Exerciser for PCIe 3.0, PCIe 2.0, and PCIe 1.0

Keysight´s Digital Test Console PCI Express protocol test solution supports all speeds of PCIe, 2.5 GT/s (Gen1), 5.0 GT/s (Gen2) through PCIe 8GT/s (Gen3). The Digital Test Console is the industry´s most complete test solution for PCIe 3.0, with a PCIe analyzer, PCIe LTSSM exerciser and both mid-bus as well as slot interposer probes utilizing the ESP (Equalizing Snoop Probe) technology.

Navigate the evolving specifications

With the need to be first to market, many early adopters are pursuing early versions of the specification. With a strong presence in the PCI-SIG and close partnerships with industry leaders, Keysight’s products and expertise help navigate the challenges of an evolving specification. Keysight’s PCIe analyzer and PCIe exerciser will support an early version of the specification, with the ability to migrate to spec version 1.0 support, when 1.0 spec version becomes available.

PCIe® - PCI Express and PCIe are registered trademarks of PCI-SIG.

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