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Discontinued Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) Hardware Acceleration


Keysight recommends using hardware acceleration products from Acceleware for extremely fast simulation rendering for EMPro. This can provide a competitive edge, and significantly increase your productivity.

Acceleware hardware acceleration provides:

  • Massively parallel compute engine
  • Graphics card processors which perform 1000’s of multiply/add operations per second
  • 10-30x faster simulations over multi-core processor based simulations
  • Ability for trend analysis and optimization of complex problems (hours vs. weeks for parameter sweeps)
  • 2 GB and 6 GB systems today available

Why Acceleration?

The full Electromagnetic (EM) problem is becoming more complex and larger. Simulating the full EM problem will lead to a higher product quality, better end-user performance and a faster time-to-market.

What if you could...

  • Speed-up your EM simulations by 50X with GPU accelerators?
  • Use your computer to optimize new product designs?

. This increase in computing power enables optimized design parameters to increase product quality and speed time-to-market.

To calculate Keysight's acceleration for your EM simulations, click the following link to get your Acceleware Performance Improvement Values NOW! 

  Software  Accelerated  Speed-Up
Setup Time (mins)   
Simulation Time (mins)  746  22  34x
Total Time  751  29  26x
Model # Product Description
W2115H   Acceleware Accelerator card for EMPro The Accelerator card is a single GPU that you install in your workstation. It is a cost-effective solution that offers tremendous speed enhancements.
W2116H   Acceleware ClusterInABox (Dual) for EMPro The ClusterInABox (Dual) is a turnkey, accelerator-equipped workstation configuration designed for those who need maximum performance.
W2105L   EMPro Hardware Acceleration Library Hardware acceleration software libraries for increased speed on larger EM problems

More information about Acceleware. 

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