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Optical Polarization and Dispersion Solutions

Test & measurement capabilities for analyzing polarization properties of optical signals are indispensable in today´s optical R&D-labs and manufacturing floors. The Keysight N778x Polarization Analysis and Control series offers high speed instruments for high performance characterization and verification of optical components and sub-systems.

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  • N7788B Optical Component Analyzer N7788B Optical Component Analyzer 

    N7788B Optical Component Analyzer

    The optical component analyzer combines polarization control with a polarimeter to measure polarization mode dispersion (PMD) or differential group delay (DGD), PDL and IL of optical components.

  • N7781B Polarization Analyzer, High-speed polarimeter with 1 Megasamples/sec N7781B Polarization Analyzer, High-speed polarimeter with 1 Megasamples/sec 

    N7781B Polarization Analyzer, High-speed polarimeter with 1 Megasamples/sec

    Characterizing polarization properties of optical signals requires a fast polarization analyzer. The N7781B provides graphical representation of the State of Polarization (SOP) on the Poincaré Sphere and fast polarization logging.

  • N7781C Polarization Analyzer N7781C Polarization Analyzer 

    N7781C Polarization Analyzer

    • Monitoring and measurement of SOP, degree of polarization (DOP), Stokes parameters, PM-fiber extinction ratio
    • Performance analysis of polarization scramblers
    • Signal monitoring for transient events
    • Analysis of SOP/DOP of recirculating signal

  • N7785C Synchronous Scrambler and Polarization Stabilizer N7785C Synchronous Scrambler and Polarization Stabilizer 

    N7785C Synchronous Scrambler and Polarization Stabilizer

    • System test: polarization sensitivity analysis on link/transmission quality
    • Characterization of optical components for polarization dependence
    • Polarization stabilization relative to an external reference
    • Recirculating loop experiments

  • N7786C Polarization Synthesizer N7786C Polarization Synthesizer 

    N7786C Polarization Synthesizer

    • Swept-wavelength PDL measurements
    • Polarization alignment for component test and calibration
    • Transmission system test: polarization sensitivity analysis
    • Recirculating loop experiments: loop-synchronous polarization scrambling

  • N7788C Optical Component Analyzer N7788C Optical Component Analyzer 

    N7788C Optical Component Analyzer

    • Fiber characterization: SMF, PMF, DCF
    • Passive component testing: filters, isolators, circulators
    • Dynamic component/module testing: OADM/ ROADM
    • Active component testing: EDFAs, SOAs, VOAs

  • N7782B PER-Analyzer, PER measurement up to 50dB N7782B PER-Analyzer, PER measurement up to 50dB 

    N7782B PER-Analyzer, PER measurement up to 50dB

    Alignment of polarization-maintaining fiber optic devices requires a PER-analyzer. Keysight’s N7782B has been designed for high speed and highly accurate testing of the polarization extinction ratio (PER) in PM fibers and devices.

  • N7783B Thermal Cycling Unit N7783B Thermal Cycling Unit 

    N7783B Thermal Cycling Unit

    Keysight’s Thermal Cycling Unit N7783B is fully controlled by the Keysight N7782B PER-Analyzer and allows accurate and repeatable temperature cycling of the fiber under test.

  • N7784B High-speed Polarization Controller N7784B High-speed Polarization Controller 

    N7784B High-speed Polarization Controller

    Optical characterization needs the control of the state of polarization (SOP) in various ways. The N7784B provides alignment and fast stabilization of polarization into polarization maintaining fiber or with respect to an external feedback.

  • N7785B Synchronous Scrambler N7785B Synchronous Scrambler 

    N7785B Synchronous Scrambler

    The N7785B provides fast SOP switching in response to internal or external triggering. This supports optical network simulations that often require switching of the signal SOP in a random way within a few microseconds.

  • N7786B Polarization Synthesizer N7786B Polarization Synthesizer 

    N7786B Polarization Synthesizer

    The N7786B includes internal SOP monitoring and feedback to determinately set and hold chosen states or sequences of polarization. Fast switching provides single-sweep spectral PDL measurements with the N7700A software.

  • 8169A Polarization Controller 8169A Polarization Controller 

    8169A Polarization Controller

    The Keysight 8169A provides determinate SOP setting an internal polarizer and zero-order waveplates from polarized or unpolarized sources with good SOP stability vs. wavelength. Used with N4150A PFL software for Mueller Matrix PDL measurements.