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Discontinued Bluetooth and Wireless LAN Test Sets

Product support information for your discontinued and obsolete Bluetooth® and Wireless LAN Test equipment.

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Making 802.11G Transmitter Measurements (AN 1380-4) - Application Note
This 12-page application note provides an overview of 802.11g WLAN technology and reviews the tests used to design and manufacture 802.11g transmitters and modulators.

Nota de aplicação 2017-12-05

RF Testing of WLAN Products- Application Note
This Application note discusses the modulation technology behind several wireless LAN standards and the measurement techniques that can be used to trouble shoot and quantify their RF performance.

Nota de aplicação 2007-01-10

Bluetooth® RF Measurement Fundamentals - Application Note
Bluetooth® is an open specification for a wireless personal area network. It provides limited range RF connectivity for voice and data transmissions between information appliances.

Nota de aplicação 2006-10-12

Bluetooth® Manufacturing Test, A Guide to Getting Started - Application Note
Gain an understanding of important technical issues and considerations for manufacturing Bluetooth® technology products, including what to test, how long it takes, tradeoffs, and optimizing throughput.

Nota de aplicação 2006-10-12

E1852B Bluetooth Test Set Installation Guide

Manual de instalação 2003-02-01

E1852B Bluetooth Test Set - Data Sheet
E1852B Bluetooth® Test Set data sheet and technical specifications.

Folha de Dados 2002-05-15

E1852B Bluetooth Test Set Operating Guide
The Keysight E1852B Bluetooth Test Set Operating Guide shows you how to make measurements using both the PC based User Interface and the remote command set.

Manual de operação 2002-01-01

E1852B Product Brochure
Learn about what the E1852B Bluetooth® Test Set can do for you.

Brochura 2001-12-05

Investigating Bluetooth Modules: The First Step in Enabling Your Device with a Wireless Link
This Application Note is designed for vendors or manufacturers who plan to add a wireless link to their products by installing commercially-available, pre-built Bluetooth® modules into them.

Nota de aplicação 2001-09-30

E1852A Bluetooth Test Set - Data Sheet
Technical specifications and product information for the E1852A.

Folha de Dados 2001-05-31