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Photonic Test & Measurement

Keysight offers a wide-range of innovative test and measurement solutions to accelerate the progress of next-generation intelligent optical networks. Keysight's mission in the optical market is to shorten time-to-market and reduce cost-of-test for customers in R&D and manufacturing, as well as enable new technologies which include innovative optical components, network elements & systems, and all-optical fiber networks.

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  • Optical Component Test Products Optical Component Test Products 

    Optical Component Test Products

    • Optical software solutions
    • Tunable lasers
    • Power meters and polarimeters
    • Optical attenuators and polarization controllers
    • Dispersion analysis

  • Analog Modulation and Frequency-dependent Measurements Analog Modulation and Frequency-dependent Measurements 

    Analog Modulation and Frequency-dependent Measurements

    • Lightwave component analyzers
    • Electro-optical Converters
    • Optical Spectral Analysis

  • Digital Modulation, Time & Error Measurements Digital Modulation, Time & Error Measurements 

    Digital Modulation, Time & Error Measurements

    • Communications analyzers
    • Eye/mask analysis
    • Jitter & interference analysis
    • Bit error ratio testers

  • Coherent Transmission Test Instruments Coherent Transmission Test Instruments 

    Coherent Transmission Test Instruments

    • Optical Modulation Analyzers
    • Instruments for testing up to 1 Tb/s
    • N4391A, N4392A

  • Optical Transceiver Test Solutions Optical Transceiver Test Solutions 

    Optical Transceiver Test Solutions

    Exhaustive performance and compliance test solutions for 100G and 400G Datacom

Lightwave & Photonic Measurement Products [Descontinuado]
Support information and resources for discontinued lightwave test equipment

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