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Modular SMU Series (E5270B, E5260A, E5262A and E5263A)


Flexible solutions that lower cost-of-test for today's parametric measurement challenges

The wide range of available models and advanced measurement features provides a variety of price-performance points for parametric measurement and analysis. Modular product family members enable customization now and provide for future expansion as requirements change, while 2-channel units provide cost-effective solutions for simple test needs. The E5270B is targeted at precision semiconductor device characterization, and the E5260 Series (E5260A, E5262A, and E5263A) is targeted at high-speed production test. For all members of this product family, a number of innovative design elements -- such as expanded program memory -- help to improve the efficiency of complex testing. Cost-of-test is also lowered through superior measurement throughput, often several times faster than earlier instruments (such as the 4142B). The new 4.0 version of Keysight Desktop EasyEXPERT software can control the product family by using sample application tests on Desktop EasyEXPERT. The product family also gives you the option of using your own software.

  • Modularity enables customization now and provides for future expansion as requirements change
    The E5260A and E5270B both have a flexible and modular configuration with eight slots available for plug-in modules. The E5260A and E5270B support several source/monitor unit (SMU) types, with both products supporting a medium-power SMU (MPSMU) and a high-power SMU (HPSMU). [Note: The MPSMU and HPSMU modules are not interchangeable between these two products]. The E5270B additionally supports a high-resolution SMU (HRSMU) and an atto sense and switch unit (ASU). This flexibility enables you to tailor the selection of instrument mainframe and measurement modules to meet your exact testing requirements, but still provides you with the capability to expand and grow as your testing needs change in the future.
  • 2-channel instruments provide cost-effective solutions for simple test needs
    Many component measurements, such as laser diode and photo diode characterization, require only one or two SMUs. In these situations, the E5262A and E5263A models provide the ideal balance of price versus performance. Because both SMUs reside in the same mainframe, synchronization of the SMUs is automatic. You do not have to worry about synchronizing the SMUs as you would if you were using single SMUs.
  • Superior measurement throughput, several times better than earlier instruments
    The E5260A, E5262A and E5263A models all provide measurement performance that is 2-3 times faster than that of the Keysight 4142B. In addition, these units are code-compatible with the 4142B, allowing you to drop them right into your existing 4142B measurement environment with minimal code modification, realizing an immediate improvement in test throughput. The E5270B, while not as fast as the E5260 Series products, does provide a measurement speed improvement over the 4142B and it is also code-compatible.
  • Unsurpassed measurement performance (E5270B)
    The E5270B member of this product family provides unsurpassed DC voltage and current measurement. Both the MPSMU and HRSMU modules have a 0.5 microvolt voltage measurement resolution, as well as new 0.5 V and 5V measurement ranges that improve voltage measurement accuracy on modern semiconductor devices. The HRSMU module provides 1 femtoamp current measurement resolution without the need for any external preamplifiers. This innate capability allows you to meet the measurement challenges posed by the vast majority of current and future devices. The HRSMU accepts an optional external ASU that enables 0.1 femtoamp (100 attoamp) current measurement resolution, and also supports switching between capacitance meter-based (CV) and SMU-based (IV) measurements without the need to change any cables.
  • Improved testing efficiency through innovative features
    For all members of the product family, each SMU is equipped with its own analog-to-digital converter (ADC), which speeds up test times and even supports true parallel measurement. Program memory has also been enhanced to accelerate the measurement process, allowing you to reduce the number of commands sent across the GPIB bus. Engineers can take advantage of a simple front-panel interface to perform and report spot measurements and to view other items of interest (such as error messages) when debugging the instrument performance under automated control. All product family members also possess a 25-pin DIN connector that supports up to 8 trigger signals or 16 digital I/O lines, to support the most challenging triggering requirements.

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