The Genesys 2018 product release includes:

New RF Circuit Synthesis : Vendor Parts Synthesis (VPS)

  • Synthesizes producible RF PCB design using vendor RLC parts
  • Accounts for RLC parasitics using Modelithics libraries
  • Automatic microstrip interconnects and accounts for layout EM effects
  • New grid optimizer quickly finds ideal combination of discrete part values

New RF System Analysis & System Vendor Libraries

  • 20+ additional modulated RF signal formats for accurate ACPR & EVM analysis
  • New Sys-Parameter vendor libraries from Analog Devices, X-Microwave, Mini Circuits, Custom MMIC & others
  • New Mixer Sys-parameter frequency-dependent model

New Performance Enhancements

  • Multi-threaded Circuit, System and EM simulators and optimizers
  • Windows 10, 64-bit OS support
  • New Testlink for connecting to Keysight instruments

New Usability Enhancements

  • Default & user defined fonts and trace size for hi-res 4K display viewing
  • Single row menu icons eliminates annoying vertical active window shifts
  • Multi-select for copy, cut and delete for workspace tree organization
  • Stretchable dialog boxes eliminates excessive scrolling in defining analyses and layouts
  • Global find by keyword for any items in workspace, e.g. components and variables
  • Example explorer quickly finds examples by keyword for instant productivity

New Features

  • Optimization goal wizard correctly sets up goals with single click
  • Sloped optimization goals for precise optimizer behavior control
  • Color differentiated pass/fail yield analysis with auto yield % report
  • Vendor library builder with integrated on-demand library updater


Genesys RF and Microwave Design SoftwareGenesys 2018 introduces Vendor Parts Synthesis (VPS), a breakthrough circuit synthesis capability that overcomes a problem faced by all RF circuit designers when they need to select the correct values of RLC parts from component vendors to build their RF printed circuit boards. By using accurate parasitic models provided by Modelithics and integrated EM-circuit cosimulation within an intuitive user interface, VPS synthesizes a producible design with discrete RLC parts and microstrip interconnects that meets the original design specs. VPS even produces a bill-of-materials (BOM) and yield % based on component tolerances selected. What used to be a tedious trial-&-error RLC manual selection process which takes days can now be elegantly accomplished by VPS in minutes. VPS is a free upgrade to any Genesys bundle with full synthesis capability, starting from W1322BP.

Genesys 2018 also comes with significant enhancements to its Spectrasys RF system simulation capabilities with 20+ new digitally modulated RF signal formats for accurate ACPR and EVM analysis with its dataflow simulator from SystemVue at an affordable cost, starting from W1333BP. Spectrasys is now supported by system component vendor libraries of amplifiers, mixers, filters, couplers, etc. from Analog Devices, Mini Circuits, X-Microwave, Custom MMIC and others to enable accurate frequency dependent system behavioral models to be used in your system chain simulation. This means that when you are satisfied with the system line up analysis, the system component selection has also been accurately done – unlike traditional searching of components to match arbitrary assigned behavioral specs at single frequency.

Other performance and usability enhancements to the already easy-to-use Genesys platform makes Genesys 2018 a powerful but yet affordable upgrade to your essential RF design and synthesis tool.