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PCI Express® technology is implemented broadly in systems requiring high-speed data transfer, such as video or graphics. Keysight's PCI Express protocol solutions provide a complete PCIe 3.0 test path with a PCIe protocol analyzer, PCIe LTSSM exerciser, and mid-bus and slot interposer probes. Keysight's solutions enable faster, more confident testing of PCI Express designs, now and in the future.

  • Powered by Keysight’s unique ESP (Equalization Snoop Probe) technology
  • Provides the data link / transaction layer for PCIe designs
  • Supports all speeds of PCIe: 2.5 GT/s (Gen1), 5.0 GT/s (Gen2) through PCIe 8 GT/s (Gen3)
  • Keysight’s PCIe analyzer and PCIe exercisers support early versions of the PCIe specifications

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