Network Taps

Reliable data access products to augment the monitoring of live network traffic

Network Taps Family


The Keysight family of network tap products, including patch taps, optical fiber taps, tough taps and copper taps provides complete visibility into network traffic to help you maintain optimal performance and security. Network taps, installed directly to the network, are plug-and-play, and do not require costly hands-on management.

Regardless of interface or network location, Keysight high-performance taps support both copper and multimode and single-mode optical fiber at speeds of up to 400Gbps. The best part: Taps can provide permanent access to network traffic and allow total traffic visibility for network monitoring and security devices—without introducing costly bottlenecks or points of failure.

  • Provide 100% visibility to link traffic to security and network monitoring tools
  • Save valuable rack real estate with high-density tap, aggregator, and regenerator solutions
  • Realize very low acquisition cost with minimal cost of ownership
  • Eliminate high costs and potential blind spots associated with adding SPAN ports
  • Deliver fully passive functionality so monitoring infrastructure does not impact network availability

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