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Get access to packet-level data in your EC2 instances with CloudLens

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Security Is a Shared Responsibility

Users of public cloud share the responsibility of securing their workloads with the service provide. The service provider secures their infrastructure, but a user must secure its applications and data transiting its environments and workloads.

Any public and hybrid cloud environment has the potential for blind-spots. These are data connections in the network that are not easily accessible, which makes them susceptible to threats like malware. In on-premises networks, taps access intra-and inter-rack traffic, then send it to network packet brokers for distribution to security and monitoring tools. In public cloud, like AWS there is a distributed architecture where physical resources are shared and EC2 instances are created on-demand based on need from that shared pool of resources. In this environment, users need to access to packet-level data from those EC2 instance to ensure they can secure and monitor their environment.

security is shared responsibility

CloudLens provides a single layer that can access data directly from these EC2 instances across VPCs, filter it in the cloud and intelligently route it to security and monitoring tools in the cloud or on-premises. To achieve continuous visibility, CloudLens automatically scales-in and out as as EC2 instances scale which limits the potential for human error.

Keysight supports CloudLens for AWS Visibility with the same quality and promise it has been offering its customers for visibility, security and test for over 20 years. For CloudLens support, you can email: or call Ixia Support.

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