Protocol and Load Test

Test and validate your device, network, and service performance at scale

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Network Infrastructure

Validate the scalability and performance of your network infrastructure

AI ML Network Infrastructure Validation

AI Data Center Test Platform

Accelerate Al/ML infrastructure innovation by emulating realistic traffic patterns of hundreds of Al accelerators with high-density AresONE-S/M traffic load appliances, delivering in-depth network performance insights and flexible what-if capabilities at the fraction of GPU cost, port density, and power requirements with speeds up to 800GE.


Validate hyperscale data centers' performance and resilience.

Keysight Elastic Network Generator

Containerized network infrastructure testing based on Open Traffic Generator API.


Highly scalable traffic simulation for virtual and physical network infrastructure.


Validate protocol compliance and interoperability.


Measure network performance across hybrid architectures.

Application and Security Testing

Ensure high-performing applications and secure networks

BreakingPoint security testing for physical network

Application and security testing for physical network infrastructure. Emulate DDoS, malware, and botnet attacks with thousands of concurrent users and millions of connections per second in pre-deployment lab-based validation tests for physical interfaces up to 400GE.

Cyperf traffic simulation for virtual, hybrid or physical networks

Highly scalable traffic simulation for distributed virtual, hybrid, and physical networks. Test performance on live networks or in the lab with zero trust traffic emulation, a wide range of attack simulations, tens of millions of concurrent users, and millions of connections per second.

IxLoad service emulation to validate Quality of Experience of real-time and business-critical applications

Scalable converged multi-play service emulation validates QoE of real-time and business-critical applications. Offers the industry’s highest HTTP, SSL, voice, video and IPsec performance and scale for end-to-end lab-based testing of converged wireless and wired application delivery infrastructure and services.

Introducing Fabric Emulator

Building and managing datacenter networks for your test environment is a complex and time-consuming task. Our solution offers a unique approach to accelerate the creation of various network environments to fit your needs. Deploy Fabric Emulator software on a white box switch to easily automate emulation of network topologies and traffic conditions.

Read more about Fabric Emulator.

Network Functions Virtualization

Validate NFV performance and capacity

Cloud Peak
A web application used to validate the functionality and benchmark the performance of virtualized network infrastructures.

IxNetwork VE
Virtual edition of IxNetwork. Validate the scale, performance and resilience of hyper-scale data centers.

IxLoad VE
Virtual edition of IxLoad. Measure the quality of experience of real-time, business-critical applications with converged multiplay service emulations.

BreakingPoint VE
Virtual edition of Breaking Point. Validate the security posture of your networks with real applications and complete range of threat vectors.

Highly scalable traffic simulation for virtual and physical network infrastructure. Test performance on live networks or in the lab with up to 60 million concurrent users, zero trust traffic emulation, and a wide range of attack simulations.

Chip Design

Verify the performance of networking chips from design to development

The industry’s only solution purpose-built for pre-silicon testing

Wi-Fi and Cellular

Validate the performance of your complete end-to-end wireless deployment

IoT Device Testing
Characterize and optimize IoT devices under real-world deployment conditions

Achieve high-performing WLAN Networks through comprehensive Wi-Fi testing

5G Core Testing

Simulate 5G UE behavior to validate the 5G Core

4G RAN and Core Testing
Test end-to-end performance of wireless LTE networks and components with emulation of multiplay services


Continuous test in lab and production environments

Network test automation

Layer 2-3 Network Test Products Catalog

Validate your underlying network infrastructure and devices to ensure secure, reliable performance, and connectivity while meeting industry conformance and compliance standards.

Layer 2 - 3 Network Test Products Catalog
Layer 4 - 7 Network Test Products Catalog

Layer 4-7 Network Test Products Catalog

Identify security gaps, performance bottlenecks, and interoperability issues with solutions that deliver insights to help you balance cybersecurity with application performance and experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Protocol testing allows validation of devices, networks, and services. Tests are run against a set of specifications that are set by industry standards organizations such as IEEE and IETF to ensure that network devices are interoperable.

Protocol load test ensures that the protocols supported by a device under test (DUT) work properly under conditions such as line rate (maximum rate for packet forwarding) and small/large packet size to ensure that applications that use the protocols can meet the performance objectives.

Network load testing verifies that a computer network can support necessary applications to meet required service level agreements (SLAs). This applies to wired and wireless networks, with applications spanning data, voice, video, storage, VPNs, ….

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