LTE/LTE-Advanced Multi-Channel, Reference Solution

Gain greater insight faster with a compact, multi-channel LTE-A PXI signal generator and signal analyzer reference solution.
This reference solution uses world-class PathWave Signal Generation software to create complex LTE-A waveforms and the 89600 VSA/WLA software to connect to multiple analyzers. The VSA software allows engineers to quickly view multiple antenna elements simultaneously and analyze the RF performance and modulation domains for timing and signal quality issues in complex carrier aggregation and MIMO/beamforming designs.

The configurations shown are examples that can be customized to meet specific test needs.


  • 2-, 4-, or 8-channel time or phase synchronized PXI vector signal analyzers and vector signal generators for diversity, spatial multiplexing/MIMO, beamforming, and carrier aggregation applications
  • configurable for independently tuned channels to support inter-band carrier aggregation and simultaneous UL and DL measurements
  • enough signal generation and analysis bandwidth to support the widest LTE-A carrier aggregation applications
  • compact and scalable — buy what you need now and upgrade to add more channels or features as LTE standards evolve


  • up to 160 MHz signal generation and analysis bandwidth for LTE-A carrier aggregation
  • < 1 ns time synchronization ensures accurate channel-to-channel timing analysis
  • < 1 deg phase jitter for precise generation and analysis of beamforming patterns
  • LTE EVM: < 0.36% (4x4, 10 MHz BW, 2 GHz)

Measurement applications and software

  • Create Keysight validated and performance optimized LTE-A MIMO, beamforming and carrier aggregation reference signals with PathWave Signal Generation software.
  • Use the 89600 VSA software for simultaneous multi-channel visualization and in depth cross-channel timing analysis.
  • Accelerate set up and test with MIMO toolkit that provides hardware and software configurations for fully synchronized channels, correction utility, sample waveforms, and VSA set up files.

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