Variable DC Power Supply With Triple Outputs

The Keysight U8030 Series variable DC power supply has a total output of 375 W—making this solution an ideal power source in the design and manufacturing of electronic devices. The U8030 Series power supplies feature an output sequencing capability for semiautomated tests. These power supplies enable you to generate output sequences with minimal programming skills. This solution features excellent load regulation and clean output noise for continued stability.

  • low ripple and noise < 1 mVrms
  • stable output, load regulation < 0.01%
  • programming accuracy <0.25%
  • three isolated outputs
  • dual display that shows both voltage and current readings
  • automate tests using sequence capability
  • overvoltage, overcurrent device protection
  • simple front panel control and security features

Key Specifications

Number of Outputs

3 Output

Total Power

375 W

Ripple and Noise

< 1 mVrms


0.25% + 15 mV


Front Panel Control Only

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