The SJ001A WaveJudge Wireless Analyzer Toolset allows design and verification engineers to gain visibility into protocol and physical layer interaction in wireless transmissions.

The SJ001A WaveJudge Wireless Analyzer Toolset combines powerful over-the-air communications analysis and real-time protocol decoding and PHY analysis. It is an essential tool for troubleshooting wireless network performance problems, including 5G, 4G, WiFi and O-RAN networks, between devices and base stations in development and deployment.

Key Software Features:

  • Multi-Technology Support: support for all major wireless technologies like 3GPP, WiFi and O-RAN
  • Full Stack Correlated Analytics: RF/PHY and L1-L3 layers correlated in messaging and chart views for efficient troubleshooting
  • Auto Error Detection: helping to find issues and leading to source of problems
  • Long list of KPI's: get insights of DUT performance

Key Hardware Features:

  • Independent: unbiased JUDGE between vendors
  • Passively monitoring communication between entities (gNB, eNB, O-RU, UE, access point, etc)
  • Real Time Analysis: find the issue at the very same moment when it's happening
  • Unlimited Capture Time: catch hard to find intermittent issues
  • Sophisticated Triggers: fast anomaly detection

Troubleshoot Challenging NTN Issues

Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) bring challenges like path loss, propagation delay, and time drift, making troubleshooting issues on the network harder. Rapidly capture IQ from different stages of the NTN chain, and analyze all layers from PHY/RF to L1-L3 using Keysight WaveJudge Wireless Analyzers. This solution decodes LTE, 5G, and Wi-Fi signals, offering real-time visibility into protocol and physical layer interactions to root cause issues, troubleshoot faster, and boost network quality.

WaveJudge User Interface

The WaveJudge offers a powerful graphical user interface that simplifies the test setup and configuration.

Using the GUI, you can:

  • Identify and analyze complex antenna schemes including MIMO and beamforming
  • Compare expected vs. received frame structure and identify allocation issues
  • Synchronize and reference signal errors
  • Visually inspect scheduler performance
  • Capture the attach process beginning with UL power
  • Trace the bytes as they move through the MAC, RLC and PDCP layers
  • Correlate RF/PHY and Protocol events in message and chart views
  • Perform detailed symbol level analysis in 2D power diagram
WaveJudge Wireless Analyzer sofware interface

WaveJudge Hardware Platform

The SJ001A WaveJudge Wireless Analyzer Toolset uses a proprietary, modular architecture that is much more targeted and cost-effective than a one-size-fits-all standard platform, allowing to maximize the coverage according to testing budget. Scalable and high-speed programmable hardware to update and expand the solution in terms of ports or memory as needs change in terms of MIMO or carriers use cases. For large-scale testing up to 64 chassis can be daisy-chained to house up to 256 modules.

WaveJudge Integration with other Keysight Solutions

SJ001A WaveJudge Wireless Analyzer software can be integrated with other Keysight Solutions like Network, Channel Emulation and O-RAN Test Solutions by importing and decoding collected IQ captures for detailed troubleshooting and full stack protocol analysis. WaveJudge can also process PCAP captured from O-RAN Fronthaul eCPRI interface enabling troubleshoot for the interoperability issues between O-RAN vendors. With this advanced capability, you can analyze and pinpoint PHY and protocol layer issues without having to be dependent on vendor analysis logs. This is particularly useful when logs from multiple vendors conflict, causing undue delays and increasing engineering expenses.

WaveJudge Integration with other Keysight Solutions

Characterize 5G NR RedCap Devices

RedCap stands for Reduced Capability 5G NR devices. 3GPP approved this new device type in Release 17 to make it easier for 5G to be used with IoT devices. The reduced 5G NR capability allows for reduced cost during development and manufacturing. Typically, IoT uses low-cost devices in applications such as wearables, industrial sensors, smart homes and cities, and security and surveillance. Learn more about how our Wireless Network Emulation Solutions help to reduce cost while performing functional and RF tests on RedCap devices.

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