Enabling E-Mobility Test

Whether you are designing new power electronics to facilitate renewable energy integration, developing technological advancements in electric and hybrid electric vehicles, or engaged in powering home energy management systems, design and test parameters are evolving rapidly in the energy ecosystem.

Bring your breakthrough energy innovations to market faster and more safely with the latest Keysight electromobility test solutions.

Electro Mobility (e-mobility) Design, Test, and Manufacturing

Better battery performance, improved electric drivetrains, availability of efficient charging stations, and better power conversion across the entire e-mobility ecosystem have increased the range of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Keysight helps you design, test, and manufacture innovative electronics for renewable energy integration, advancement in battery technology, the rapid development of new electric and hybrid electric vehicles, and charging systems compatibility.

Accelerate your e-mobility lifecycle

With rich experience and expertise in charging, storage and battery management test technology; Scienlab, a Keysight company, offers industry-leading test solutions to help developers and manufacturers accelerate their e-mobility applications.

Keysight's in-depth working partnerships with the world's leading automotive OEMs and suppliers means you can expect expertise and commitment to help you bring e-mobility innovations to market faster.

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