Keysight’s unique expertise in digital technologies and RF microwave help you get your embedded design products to market quickly.

Discover how our latest test solutions help you accelerate time-to-market of your automotive electronic systems, IoT systems, consumer devices, and more.

Our Embedded World 2020 Demonstration Setups include the following topics:

  • General Purpose Test Instruments
  • NEW Entry Level to Ultra High-End Oscilloscopes
  • Power Integrity & Crosstalk Removal Solutions
  • RF & Microwave Test
  • Power Consumption & Current Drain Analysis
  • NEW Mission Critical IoT Test Solutions
  • PathWave ADS Software for Memory Design, Signal and Power Integrity
  • Keysight Care, Calibration and Trade-In Services


February 25-27, 2020


Nuremberg, Germany

Demonstration Stands

Mission-Critical IoT Test

Keysight will highlight two key IoT solutions; the X8711A IoT device functional test solution, and the X8712A IoT device battery life optimization solution.

Learn how the X8711A addresses limitations of existing solutions commonly used today; such as the parametric tester (one box tester) or golden radio test method.

See how the X8712A gives you insights to detect design weakness through event-based power consumption analysis and battery life estimation.

Affordable, Feature-Rich Oscilloscopes

Oscilloscopes aren’t just oscilloscopes anymore. Keysight offers a complete hardware and software solution for embedded and other applications — both powerful and easy-to-use, with a consistent interface across the range.

RF & Microwave Test

Rapid advancements in wireless technologies create new challenges for design and test engineers. RF R&D and DVT engineers are designing RF devices that operate at higher frequencies and wider bandwidths within shrinking time to market windows. Plus, constantly evolving wireless standards and compliance regulations add test complexity.

Keysight’s signal analyzers and signal generators equipped with the latest software will help you stay in sync with changing wireless technology while meeting compliance standards. Software can also be used to characterize complex modulation schemes required by newer standards. The modern VNA helps you to characterize easily passive and active components like cables, filters, amplifiers, and more.

Power Integrity & Crosstalk Removal – Infiniium UXR and S-Series Oscilloscopes

Product functional reliability is proportional to the quality of the DC supplies inside that product. With increased IC density, lower voltages and lower DC power tolerances this is an ever-increasing design & validation challenge. DC power supply disturbances cause Jitter in Serial Data Communication which can results in data transmit errors.

We will show solutions and tips how to make effective Power & Signal Integrity measurements using Keysight’s S-Series and UXR-Series Oscilloscopes, Power Rail probes, Crosstalk Removal Application & Analyses Software.

Power Consumption & Current Drain Analysis

Keysight Advanced Power System and powerful Current Waveform Analyzer solutions enable you to make powerful analysis of your devices, from small very low-current battery-operated devices to larger 2 kW devices running on up to 200A.

Best in class, these solutions address most pressing challenges faced by developers today, i.e dynamic current analysis and the need to instantly visualize clearly what is going on with the current consumption during operation.

Memory Design, Signal and Power Integrity – PathWave ADS Software

PathWave ADS offers with tools like SIPro, PIPro and Memory Designer a cohesive design flow for designers of High-Speed interconnects in general or more specifically DDR buses. The dedicated user interfaces ensure a short learning curve. They minimize the engineering effort required to setup, extract ElectroMagnetic models, simulate the buses, and perform compliance testing. Offering a unique capability to use the same measurement science for both simulation and hardware verification stages, finally simulation to measurement comparison is made easy.

KeysightCare, Calibration, and Trade-In Services

Learn more about KeysightCare, the industry’s first cloud-based customer service experience with dedicated, proactive support through a single point of contact for instruments, software, and solutions.

KeysightCare improves your time-to-market and reduces costly unplanned downtime and project delays through proactive engagement, faster response times, access to specialized experts, and resolution time. Additionally, you can learn more about reducing risk using Keysight Calibration Services. Keysight experts can help upgrade your instruments with our Trade-In Services.

Keysight Measurement Wall

The ever-popular Measurement Wall returns this year. Please stop by to see our newest product introductions.

You will have a hands-on opportunity to experience our latest instruments. Keysight is featuring — our new generation 3-slot data acquisition system (DAQ970A), waveform generators, digital multimeters, basic power supplies, handheld instruments, and the latest installment of BenchVue software.


During the previous embedded world 2019, our technical experts and design engineers demonstrated advanced digital and test solutions, as well as comprehensive service offerings.

If you were unable to attend embedded world 2019, we have made the material related to our key demonstrations available for you to download on demand.

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