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Product Matches: 54610B
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Product Number
Product Description
Parts List
54610B2 Channel 500 MHz Oscilloscope
54610B-002RS02 EMI Shield
54610B-005Enhanced TV/Video Trigger
54610B-103Operator's Training Kit (54654A)
54610B-104Carrying Case (1185A)
54610B-1CMRackmount Kit
54610B-900Power Cord - United Kingdom
54610B-901Power Cord - Australia and New Zealand
54610B-902Power Cord - Continental Europe
54610B-903Power Cord - United States and Canada 120V
54610B-906Power Cord - Switzerland
54610B-912Power Cord - Denmark
54610B-918Power Cord - Japan
54610B-AB0Taiwan - Chinese localization
54610B-ABAU.S. - English localization
54610B-ABDGermany - German localization
54610B-ABESpain - Spanish localization
54610B-ABFFrance - French localization
54610B-ABJJapan - Japanese localization
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