Research continues driving developments like quantum and sixth generation (6G) cellular, motivating engineers to overcome infrastructure and development hurdles to support them. The next iteration of cellular technology, 6G, will better connect people to each other and the environment. Quantum technology stands to revolutionize computing, replacing transistors with qubits to outperform even the most impressive supercomputers. These applications will require breakthrough control and precision in high frequency RF, digital signal creation and processing, and precision power control. From initial research through design and manufacturing, Keysight supports the engineers changing our world.

6G Technologies

6G Research

The next generation of cellular technology will enable ingenious ways for people to interact with their surroundings, including instantaneous communication, connected robotics and autonomous systems, and wireless artificial intelligent interactions. But delivering 6G demands significant advances in computing architectures, chipset designs, and materials.

Extreme bandwidths and shorter wavelengths in the sub-terahertz (THz) and THz spectrum reduce beam width while increasing antenna and device integration. Keysight’s solutions provide advanced capabilities that can test far beyond 5G, so you can address the design challenges emerging with 6G today.

Quantum Technology

The fundamental particles forming the universe exhibit quantum mechanical behavior. Efficiently studying them with quantum mechanical approaches led to quantum computing, which uses superposition and entanglement to greatly increase computing power. Leveraging quantum properties in design also creates highly secure communication links and vastly superior sensors.

Physicists have demonstrated high performance in quantum systems with a few quantum bits (qubits). Now, the challenge is to scale these systems for useful computation. Keysight enables this quantum revolution through high quality, scalable electronic control systems with precise synchronization and flexible, FPGA-based signal generation and decoding.

Quantum Solutions
Emerging Technologies

800G and 1.6T

5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) continue to generate explosive amounts of data in the network and create new computing and performance demands in the data center. As 400G transceivers roll out in data centers, 800G and 1.6T research is underway to keep up with increased bandwidth demands. Already with 800G, design margins shrink to a minimum and standard test requirements become very complex. You need help at every stage of the development cycle, through manufacturing, with solutions that save test time and avoid costly redesigns.

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