More Efficient RF Testing

Keysight N8480 thermocouple power sensors are solutions for highly accurate RF power measurements, ranging from 100 kHz to 50 GHz. These new RF sensors are integrated with EEPROM capability, which simplifies calibration by removing the need to manually key in calibration factors at each frequency point.

The N8480 RF sensor offers improved accuracy with excellent SWR, exceptional power linearity (< 1%), and first-rate repeatability, resulting in more efficient RF testing and reducing manufacturing costs.

In addition, the N8480 RF sensor has broadened its dynamic range by extending the lower power level down to -35 dBm, providing dynamic range of 55 dB (single sensor solution) and 79 dB (combined RF sensor applications) in a thermocouple power measurement solution.

  • -35 to +20 dBm (N8481 / 82 / 85 / 87A)
  • -15 to +35 dBm (N8481 / 82H)
  • -5 to +44 dBm (N8481 / 82B)

All N8480 RF sensors are designed to be backward compatible with the EPM (E4418B / 19B), EPM-P (E4416A / 17A), and P-Series (N1911A / 12A) power meters to minimize recoding efforts and investment. The N8480 thermocouple power sensors are not compatible with Keysight 43x, E1416A, N8262A power meters; 5314x microwave counters, and E7495x base station test set. 

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