iBypass 10Gb Fiber

iBypass 3

Single segment 10Gbps intelligent bypass switch

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  • Maintains link integrity during IPS redeployments and upgrades
  • Exclusive customizable Heartbeats and Link Fault Detect help quickly detect outages or failures
  • Provides graphical display of link status, utilization, and connections
  • Password-protected CLI for disabling remote interfaces
  • Easy-to-use GUIs control all iBypass switches for more efficient management
  • Ensures monitoring uptime with redundant power

A Heartbeat Away From Inline, Fail-Safe Link Protection

Problem: Avoiding Network Failures

Protecting your 10 Gbps network needs an array of inline network security and performance applications. For instance, intrusion prevention system (IPS) appliances are excellent for blocking security threats and monitoring networks for nefarious activity. Unfortunately, these tools can easily lead to unnecessary downtime by dropping packets and causing glitches in important programs. Power, link, and application failures can all negatively impact network performance and business continuity.

Solution: Confidence in Fail-Safe Connectivity

Keysight's iBypass 10G Fiber performs double duty by enabling secure monitoring with inline applications and safeguarding your network against unanticipated downtime. Such fail-safe connectivity allows you to insert or remove any inline appliance with confidence.

iBypass 10G Fiber monitors any link to an attached inline device by sending a configurable heartbeat packet to the attached monitoring tool. If the tool does not return the heartbeat, iBypass 10Gb Fiber automatically bypasses it. Other innovative features include a web manager that allows users to remotely configure, view status information, and monitor traffic data on one or more switches. And visual indicators such as a digital display and alarm LEDs signal when utilization levels are about to exceed a monitoring device’s capacity for pre-emptive action.

iBypass 10

Bypass 10G has an extremely easy to use GUI which facilitates quick deployment and minimizes configuration errors.

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