Performance Monitoring

From lab to field — know what is happening with dynamic network intelligence

performance monitoring



Instant performance assessment of complex networks from pre-to post-deployment

As your company's network and applications become increasingly complex, with multiple offices, remote workers and a plethora of applications, network performance becomes mission-critical.

IxChariot offers an industry-leading tool for assessing and troubleshooting networks and applications before you deploy. Real-world applications are simulated to predict device, system, and network performance under realistic load conditions. Be confident in your network, before it goes live.

IxChariot provides:

  • Device validation
  • Architectural validation
  • Pre-deployment readiness



Dynamic Network Intelligence for a Better User Experience

End users are on Skype, Outlook 365, Web, Wi-Fi and more all at once. How can you keep track of their experience and know what is going on with your network in real-time all the time?

Hawkeye is a proactive monitoring platform that ensures you are the first to know what is happening in your network. Hawkeye leverages synthetic traffic monitoring to perform node-to-node and real service testing to determine the end-user experience. It gives you real-time insight, so you can ensure your users' quality of experience.

Hawkeye provides:

  • Web and application monitoring
  • Network monitoring
  • Wi-Fi monitoring
  • Robust analytics

Don't get blinded by the edge

It’s a brave new world for your network. SD-WAN, 5G, and the internet of things are changing how your network looks, how it behaves, and how fast it reacts. But how do you prevent performance problems and protect an expanding attack surface?

Discover how our edge monitoring solutions help future-proof your network by capturing dynamic network intelligence across the entirety of your network’s edge. By arming your security and performance monitoring tools with actionable insights, you can protect your assets, applications, credibility, and bottom line at the same time.

Our Endpoints

Achieve maximum coverage with our full suite of performance monitoring endpoints for Hawkeye and IxChariot.

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