What's Next in Autonomous and Electric Vehicles Starts Here

From radar and cameras to lidar, sensor technologies coupled with powerful artificial intelligence software are enabling new levels of vehicle autonomy and driving the electric vehicle evolution. Key to these innovations is digital twin technology.

With digital twins, automakers can repeatably and reliably measure the impact of variables in driving scenarios to train their autonomous driving algorithms to make the right decisions on the road, every time. Visit Keysight at CES 2023 to see how our digital twins can help you realize the next frontier in autonomous and electric vehicles.

Snapshot of What You Can Experience at #KeysightCES2023

Visit Keysight at CES 2023

Accelerate Autonomous Vehicle Development with Digital Twins

Learn how stacking digital twins provides control of independent real-world variables during test to properly train autonomous driving algorithms.

Visit Keysight at CES 2023

Connect and Secure Your Vehicle with Digital Twins

Explore how digital twins help speed development of ADAS-enabled vehicles and facilitate their migration to the next level of autonomy.

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Extend Driving Range and Power with Digital Twins

See how digital twins help accelerate battery development, speed battery charging, and lead to more efficient power conversion in EVs.

Visit Keysight at CES 2023

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