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The Challenges of IPTV Delivery over IMS

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IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) is an architectural framework for delivering IP multimedia to fixed and mobile users. IMS promises to facilitate the blending of quad-play services (voice, video, TV and mobility) in interactive, personalized ways. Delivery of a quad-play bundle, with one monthly-bill, is a highly desirable objective for service providers of all types – especially wireline operators. In this informative white paper, The Challenges of IPTV Delivery over IMS, Ixia discusses both current IPTV delivery and IPTV within IMS. We will describe the various standard groups’ activities, look at the challenges to service providers with respect to IMS-IPTV delivery and finally look at the testing requirements for the networks that deliver IMS-IPTV. Learn about IPTV challenges when delivering the service over IMS and the testing requirements needed to verify each of the video transport architectures.


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