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E5061A ENA-L RF Network Analyzer

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Version: 3.01
Release Date: 2007-08-10

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Does the ENA 6 series have the swept sweep mode in the frequency sweep?
No. The E5061A/62A and E5061B have only stepped sweep mode in the frequency sweep.

FAQ 2013-04-25

Can I use a USB memory to update the firmware for the ENA?
It depends on the model.

FAQ 2012-12-28

Is it possible to programmatically receive the displayed low/high stimulus values when using the "CALC1:MARK:BWID:DATA?" bandwidth query results?
When manually configuring the ENA network analyzer via the Marker – Marker Search – Bandwidth ON, the manual process results in low and high stimulus values as displayed on the analyzer’s front panel.

FAQ 2012-12-20

Is it possible on the Keysight ENA series Network Analyzers to over-ride the output source blanking at every sweep end?
Yes, the output source blanking on sweep retrace can be prevented by turning off the Initial Source Port Control function.

FAQ 2012-12-18

On the ENA 6 series, can I use Supr Avoid ON/OFF function like the 871x?
No. It is always ON.

FAQ 2012-12-11

On the ENA 6 series, can I use swept sweep mode?
No. The ENA 6 series always sweeps in step.

FAQ 2012-12-11

What features are different between the ENA 7 series and the ENA 6 series?
Followings are the difference between the ENA 7 series and the ENA 6 series.

FAQ 2012-12-11

What is the difference between the ENA 6 series opt.100 (fault location) and the ENA opt.010 (time domain)?
Both options are aim to do time domain conversion. The ENA 6 series opt.100 focuses on to analyze the cable characteristics...

FAQ 2012-12-11

Does the ENA 6 series support direct sampler measurements and user ratio measurements?

FAQ 2012-12-10

Does the ENA 6 series support mixer measurements like the 871x?

FAQ 2012-04-17

Is it possible to generate touchstone files on the ENA?

FAQ 2012-04-17

On the ENA 6 series, is the User Defined BEGIN key available like the 871x?
The "Load & Run" of the E5061A/62A and E5061B are equivalent to the User Defined BEGIN key.

FAQ 2012-04-17

Do the ENA provide a probe power connection for active probes?

FAQ 2012-04-17

On the ENA 6 series, can I get TTL signal indicating Pass/Fail of the limit test like the 871x?

FAQ 2012-04-17

Does the ENA allow user access to the Error Coefficient Arrays?

FAQ 2012-04-17

Does the ENA 6 series support barcode reader?

FAQ 2012-04-17

Does the ENA support USB mouse or keyboard?
It depends on the models.

FAQ 2012-04-17

On the ENA I am receiving the message "Continuous switching may damage source attenuator". What corrective actions should I pursue?

FAQ 2012-03-16

Is the display intensity adjustable on the ENA?

FAQ 2012-03-16

Can I hide the softkey menu when I perform "Dump Screen Image" on the ENA / ENA-L?

FAQ 2012-02-02

How is trace math implemented within the Keysight Technologies Vector Network Analyzers?

FAQ 2012-01-11

Does the ENA support 87050E / 87075C series multiport test sets?
Unlike the E5061A and E5062A, the E5061B, E5071C and E5072A (ENA) does NOT support full functions of 87050E / 87075C. But it is possible to change switch state of 87050E-Hxx / 87075C-Hxx via GPIB.

FAQ 2012-01-11

On the ENA-L, can I use Normalize function like the 871x?
Yes. Data/Memory of the data math function is equivalent to Normalize function of the 871x.

FAQ 2011-10-16

What is the Port Reference Impedance Conversion? Is this function available on the ENA / ENA-L?
The Port Reference Impedance Conversion is one of a feature of the Fixture Simulator. This function is only available on the ENA.

FAQ 2011-10-16

What are the equations that relate Real and Imaginary data pairs to Log Magnitude, Polar, Phase, and Smith Chart formats?

FAQ 2011-10-07

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