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34904A Модуль матричного коммутатора для 34970A/34972A, 4 х 8, двухпроводной

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Practical Temperature Measurements - Application Note
This application note explores the more common temperature measurement techniques and introduces procedures for improving their accuracy.

Руководство по применению 2019-11-14

Keysight Basic Instruments November 2019 - January 2020
This Basic Instruments flyer includes a promotion for a free scope probe.

Брошюра 2019-11-05

Recognizing and Reducing Data Acquisition Switching Transients - White Paper
Low impedance sources can produce large and fast current transients when switching; creating problems with adjacent channels, transients in the ground circuit that upset digital logic connected to the DUT, or causing the switch unit to reset or hang. This application note describes several techniques to reduce these switching transients.

Руководство по применению 2019-09-27

34970A Data Acquisition/Switch Unit Family - Technical Overview
The 34970A technical overview includes application details, technical specifications, product and module photos and ordering information.

Обзор технических характеристик 2019-09-27

PXI & AXIe Instruments, Software, Reference Solutions and Services - Brochure
This brochure provides an overview of Keysight's PXI & AXIe instrument, software, solutions and services offering.

Брошюра 2019-09-19

34970A and 34972A Data Acquisition and Switching - Product Fact Sheet
Product Fact Sheet describing key features of the Keysight 34970A & 34972A.

Рекламные материалы 2019-06-27

34970A 3D Model, STEP Format
STEP format 3D Model of the 34970A Data Acquisition / Data Logger Switch Unit with modules installed. Note that this model does not have the bumper kit and handle installed. Use this model as a reference only.

Обзор технических характеристик 2018-08-27

34972A 3D Model, STEP Format
STEP format 3D Model of the 34972A LXI Data Acquisition / Data Logger Switch Unit with modules installed. Use this model as a reference only.

Обзор технических характеристик 2018-08-27

ZIP ZIP 12.91 MB
Bench and System Switching Products - Selection Guide
Whether you use switching to route signals for design verification applications or for complex automated functional test systems, reliable and repeatable switching is critical for your measurement accuracy.

Брошюра 2017-12-01

PDF PDF 11.37 MB
Системы сбора данных и коммутации Keysight 34970A и 34972A - Информационный бюллетень
Бюллетень описывает основные характеристики систем сбора данных 34970A и 34972A

Рекламные материалы 2015-05-08

34970A Service Guide
The 34970A Service Guide contains product specifications,calibration procedures, theory of operation, troubleshooting guidelines, replacable parts lists, and schematics.

Руководство по ремонту 2015-02-01

Declaration of Conformity
Search Keysight Regulatory database for the most recent Declaration of Conformity statement for your product.

Справочное руководство 2014-08-01

Select &Compare for all modules

Руководство по выбору продуктов 2010-06-13

Efficient use of data logging and decision making w multiple scan lists
Basic data logging allows you to confi gure different measurements across multiple channels, then record the data.

Руководство по применению 2010-04-07

34972A LXI Data Acquisition Unit - Demos
See our 34972A demo videos for easily connecting, configuring and acquiring data from anywhere.

Демонстрация 2010-02-01

Migrating your Application Software from the 34970A to the 34972A
This white paper discusses how to migrate from existing applications that use the 34970A to the new 34972A Data Acquisition/Switch Unit.

Руководство по применению 2010-01-29

Tips for Optimizing Your Switch Matrix Performance
This application note offers eight tips to help you optimize your measurement matrix switching performance and important features to remember when designing your switching solution.

Руководство по применению 2009-10-22

Improve your data logging productvity using advanced limit testing
Improve your data logging productvity using advanced limit testing

Руководство по применению 2008-10-30

Responding to data logging events using action scripts
Combining data logging hardware and software can give you more techniques to automate extensive and repetitious measurements.

Руководство по применению 2008-10-30

BenchLink Data Logger Pro Software
BenchLink Data Logger Pro Software for both the 34970A and 34980A.

Демонстрация 2007-11-14

Optimizing Throughput of Data Acquisition and Test Systems
Learn to speed up your test programs.

Демонстрация 2005-08-31

A Comparison of Leading Switch/Measure Solutions
This application note compares the features, execution speed and ease of software development for switch/measure solutions used in functional test and data acquisition environments.

Руководство по применению 2005-01-27

34970A Quick Reference Guide
Contains a summary of the SCPI commands used to program the 34970A mainframe and plug-in modules. Available only in English.

Справочное руководство 2003-03-01

34970A & 3499A/B/C Switch Systems Product Comparison
This general product comparison will give you a better idea of what the 34970A and 3499A/B/C products are, what they are capable of, and which one is the best choice for your switching application.

Обзор технических характеристик 2002-07-23

Maximizing the Life Span of Your Relays (AN 1399)
This application note tells you how to maximize your relay's potential life by selecting the right relays for the type of measurements you are making.

Руководство по применению 2002-06-11