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N9344C Handheld Spectrum Analyzer (HSA), 20 GHz

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Current Firmware/Software

Version: 2.2
Release Date: 2014-10-15

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N9311X RF and Microwave Accessory Kit for Low-cost Handheld and Benchtop Solutions
N9311X RF and Microwave Accessory Kit complements Keysight's low-cost handheld and benchtop solutions. These accessories provide you with a complete solution for your measurement needs.

Technical Overview 2020-01-14

New radiated emission measurement and analysis software "EPX/RE"
TOYO Corporation

Solution Brief 2019-07-08

Interference Testing with Handheld Spectrum Analyzers - Application Note
This application note describes the techniques and procedures for interference testing in a wireless environment using the Keysight family of N934xC/N9340B handheld spectrum analyzers.

Application Note 2017-12-05

N9344C/N9343C/N9342C Handheld Spectrum Analyzer (HSA) - Configuration Guide
This configuration guide describes standard configurations, options, accessories and peripherals for the N9342C/N9343C/N9344C handheld spectrum analyzers.

Configuration Guide 2017-10-19

Reach Higher in RF—with Confidence - Flyer
Portfolio of RF products sold thru distribution

Brochure 2017-07-20

N9344C Handheld Spectrum Analyzer (HSA) 20 GHz - Data Sheet
N9344C HSA data sheet lists key technical specifications for the N9344C handheld spectrum analyzer.

Data Sheet 2015-10-22

N9342C/43C/44C Handheld Spectrum Analyzer Programmer’s Guide
Programming information for the N9342C/43C/44C handheld spectrum analyzers.

Programming and Syntax Guide 2015-07-01

Download your complimentary RF & Microwave Test Accessories Catalog
This comprehensive resource enables engineers to quickly and conveniently research the highest-quality RF and microwave test accessories in the industry.

Catalog 2015-04-28

N9342C/N9343C/N9344C Handheld Spectrum Analyzer (HSA) User's Manual
Operation information for the N9342C, N9343C, N9344C HSA.

User Manual 2015-02-01

N9340B Handheld 3 GHz RF Spectrum Analyzer - Product Fact Sheet
This is a two-page PFS which highlights the key product features and specifications for the 3-GHz N9340B handheld spectrum analyzer.

Brochure 2014-02-27

N9340B, N9342C, N9343C, N9344C Handheld Spectrum Analyzers (HSAs) - Brochure
This brochure provides an overview the N9340B, N9342C, N9343C, N9344C HSA handheld spectrum analyzer family.

Brochure 2014-02-12

N9342C/N9343C/N9344C Handheld Spectrum Analyzer (HSA) Programmer's Guide
Programming examples for the N9342C, N9343C and N9344C HSA.

Programming and Syntax Guide 2013-02-01

N9344C Handheld Spectrum Analyzer (HSA) Demo Videos on YouTube
Explore YouTube for videos on the N9344C Handheld Spectrum Analyzer.

Demo 2012-12-11

Task Planner for N934xC HSA or N9322C BSA Spectrum Analyzer
The N934xC HSAs or the N9322C BSA equipped with task planner slash test setup time by 95%, deliver test automation and consistency, and make it easy to capture test results, generate reports and share task plans with others

Brochure 2012-12-02

The Easy Way to Make Pulse Signal Measurements with HSA and Power Sensor - Application Note
This application note which describes how to perform peak power sensor measurement with USB peak sensor and HSAs in order to help customer easier using peak power sensor measurement capability.

Application Note 2012-11-14

Keysight Technologies Expands Capabilities of Handheld Spectrum Analyzers for Enhanced In-Field Use

Press Materials 2012-10-29

N9344C 20 GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer - Product Fact Sheet
Product fact sheet explains how the N9344C handheld spectrum analyzer makes your job easier in the field testing.

Promotional Materials 2012-09-28

Conducting Site Surveys Using the N934xC Series Handheld Spectrum Analyzers - Application Note
This brief application note explains how the N9344C, N9343C, and N9342C handheld spectrum analyzers are an effective tool for measuring signal strength and performing a site survey.

Application Note 2012-06-01

N9342C/N9343C/N9344C Handheld Spectrum Analyzer (HSA) Security Features and Document of Volatility
Description of instrument security features and the steps to declassify an instrument. For HSA handhelp spectrum analyzers (N9342C, N9343C, and N9344C).

User Manual 2012-03-01

Industry Comparison Guide: HSAs Series Handheld Spectrum Analyzer versus Tektronix MDO4000
Industry Comparison Guide: Keysight HSAs Series Handheld Spectrum Analyzer versus Tektronix MDO4000

Brochure 2011-12-01

Evaluating Fluorescent Lighting Interference on Passive UHF RFID Systems - Application Note
This paper highlights how the use of N934xC handheld spectrum analyzers are an effective way to determine if the effects of fluorescent lighting is impacting an RFID system

Application Note 2011-11-30

Enhancements for Ease of Use, Wider Functionality on Handheld Spectrum Analyzers

Press Materials 2011-10-19

Interference Classifications and Measurement Application Note
This paper defines the various types of interference and explains how the use of N934xC handheld spectrum analyzers are used to quickly identify the type of interference for quick resolution.

Application Note 2011-10-11

Procedures to Verify and Locate Interference Application Note
This application note looks at the process and techniques for measuring, verifying and locating wireless interference using the portable N934xC handheld spectrum analyzers.

Application Note 2011-10-11

N9342C/N9343C/N9344C Handheld Spectrum Analyzer (HSA) Demonstration Guide
This demonstration guide shows you how to use the basic functions of the N9342C/43C/44C handheld spectrum analyzers (HSAs) and take advantage of their extensive features.

Demo 2011-04-28

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