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N7016A Type-C Low-Speed Signal Access and Control Fixture

Product Status: Discontinued | Currently Supported

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USB Type-C Connectivity Solution User's Guide (Describes N7015A / 6A / 7A / 8A /9A Test Fixtures)
Describes how to set up, configure, and use the N7015A, N7016A, N7017A, N7018A, and N7019A Type-C test fixtures.

User Manual 2020-06-03

PDF PDF 23.92 MB
How to Test USB Power Delivery (PD) Over Type-C - Application Note
USB Type-C power delivery creates possibilities for USB connected devices with higher, bi-directional power and power for non-USB devices with ALT mode. Learn more about verification/compliance.

Application Note 2017-11-01

N7015A, N7016A and N7017A Type-C Test Fixtures - Data Sheet
Keysight's N7015A and N7016A Type-C test fixtures are the industry’s highest-signal-integrity Type-C test fixtures for high-speed differential bus probing.

Data Sheet 2016-07-27

N7016A Type-C Low Speed Fixture Quick Start Guide
Describes accesories and provides a quick overview of setting up the N7016A Type-C Low Speed test fixture.

Quick Start Guide 2016-05-26

How to Test USB Type-C Alt Mode and the Standards Running Across It - Application Note
This application note discusses how Alt mode works with power delivery circuitry to transmit/receive unique data signals/more power, so Type-C can be used for many USB & non-USB, device connections/control.

Application Note 2016-04-29